Want to impress your friends with stunning Halloween gif images? DesignContest has prepared a collection of cool Halloween gif images for you. Share it with your friends and may this Halloween be fun for you!

Bright claymations

A sunny yellow background shouldn’t mislead you. Halloween gif images are always spooky, even if they look so fun and engaging. The following gif animations created by Joseph Lattimer will help you to congratulate your friends on Halloween and make this congratulation memorable.

halloween gif image

However, the secret of these funny Halloween gif images is not only in their bright colors. The unforgettable charm is created with the help of this well-thought claymation. This is a highly popular trend in the world of digital animation. More and more cartoons get turned into claymation-animated films. The same tendency refers to designing gifs.

halloween gif animation

Takeaway for designers

Remember: claymation is top-notch in today’s design. Halloween gif images can be highly modern if you use the latest animation tendencies in graphic design to create them. Claymation is on the top of popularity nowadays. Therefore, such gif animations will be hard not to notice. 

Ragged edges

Halloween gif images should look a bit shabby and sort of ghostly, don’t they? Reflecting the spirit of this mysterious holiday, the Halloween gif animation set created by Stephanie Brown is a beautiful example of what everyone could be fascinated with. The characters on these gifs seem to become alive anytime soon; their ragged edges add a bit of carelessness to the entire picture.

halloween gif images

halloween gif animations

halloween gif images

Takeaway for designers

If you like the idea of creating ragged images, you can add some vague details to turn them into a real mystery. Such Halloween gif images will surely be popular with people.

Transforming gif images

Sense of humor is the one thing you need to use to make people love the gif images you create. On Halloween, this is even more important – except for making the gif animation spooky and intriguing, you should make them engaging as well. Thus, transforming gif images turns out to be a great idea in this case. Especially if done so perfectly as by james Haskins on Behance.

cool halloween gif images

Takeaways for designers

Transforming gif images will be even better if you manage to choose the characters that are opposite to each other. What’s more, remember, that shapes matter a lot in this case.

Hand-drawn animation

Hand-drawn Halloween images are the one thing that will be never out of fashion. The best part about these gif images is that they are as a handwriting, always unique and always different. This difference is reflected with the help of different shapes, lines, shades etc. Which means that, creating hand-drawn Halloween gif images, you make each and every of them special. Take a look at the Halloween gif animations created by Daniel Jamie Williams and you’ll see it on your own.

halloween gif images

halloween gif animation

Takeaways for designers

Hand-drawn animation is a widespread way to stay creative and constantly come up with something new. With Halloween gif images, you can choose two options: either creating all the animation in one style (that will later be a sign of your own inventiveness), or create different images in different ways.

Festive Halloween animation

Halloween gif images can be a perfect digital card for your friends. You may use them to congratulate your friends. The best part is that, due to the variety of such images, you don’t need to repeat yourself. So, take a look at the Halloween gif animations that attracted our attention:

By Diana Willet:

halloween gif images witch

By Irina Shi:

halloween greeting card

By Angelo Boose:

halloween animation pumpkin

halloween pumpkin gif

By Dana Ulea:

halloween gif images

By Kirsten Ulve:

halloween gif images

happy halloween gif images

*All Halloween gif images found on Behance and Pinterest.