Don’t believe what anybody tells you: The world of graphic design is not controlled by guys like us, who lock themselves away for hours and crank out “art-school” designs for a living. No, the real jungle is out there in the world, usually in the realm of advertising. In fact, if you haven’t been taking a good look at what’s being used to sell products in the modern age, you’re really missing out on some killer designs. Don’t worry, we’re more than willing to put our money where our mouths are – here are some of our favorite, design-oriented companies.

  1. New Belgium Brewing Company: Okay, okay, so this company might be a local venue as far as we’re concerned (only a few miles up the road from our beloved Greater Denver area) but that doesn’t mean their designs are any less solid. The beer is good, but this brewery has been pumping out delightful adverts since their inception. One of their more famous advertisements feature a group of their own workers skinny dipping in a freezing Colorado lake. It’s bold, striking, and above all, sets a unique and hip tone for the beer they’re looking to sell. If you’re into paper cut-out styles, you can learn an awful lot from this company, as well. Their magazine ads are real inspiration pieces, and if you’ve been hankering for some kind of modern edge to add to your media, New Belgium may just give you the edge you need.
  2. ModCloth: Whether or not you’re into hipster fashion, you absolutely have to respect what this ultra-chic company is doing with their, essentially, eCommerce-based site. Their clothes are fantastic, but the way they market them appeals directly to the consumer in a way that should make every designer salivate. Take a look at some of the product copy on the site. See how each and every item comes with an engaging and punny name? Best of all, each product photo is incredibly detailed, and extremely well-shot. Both of these elements are aspects we’ve harped on in the past when users have asked how they too can improve their eCommerce projects. All in all, ModCloth is one of the best Web business examples out there.