Popular video games, especially computer games, often have dedicated followers that truly get ‘immersed’ in the game’s storyline, characters and overall setting. Some of these dedicated fans produce amazing fan art pieces, including digital paintings, concept art sketches, computer themes, machinima videos and more, all related to the game. One of the best examples of inspirational science fiction space opera fan art may be found from the fans of Eve Online, by European game developer CCP.

Imagine a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), populated with thousands of players in spaceships, all on one connected server. Throw in a touch of ‘sandbox’ game play, plus hundreds of player-owned corporations (similar to clans or guilds in other MMORPGs), player-controlled bases, and a vibrant in-game economy, and you have Eve Online. It’s one of the most successful “hardcore” MMORPGs, requiring a lot of time and energy to be successful. Eve is also one of the most exciting online games in terms of player-driven factional warfare, deceit and intrigue. The different corporations are constantly fighting each other for control of the in-game galaxy, with shifting allegiances, mutinies and massive amounts of interstellar warfare occurring daily. Players each control spaceships, ranging from nimble attack fighters to enormously slow yet powerful motherships. Eve fans have created loads of wonderful fan art pieces, showing off the different spaceships and the serene (at times) yet mysterious and tense atmosphere of the game. Most are fairly serious images, but for a humorous take on the game’s back story, check out this comic-style image on DeviantArt about Eve.

Most of the in-game storyline is allowed to develop by the actions of the players in Eve, but there is a well-written back story to the game that has spawned a few novels. There is also an excellent short story section available on the Eve Online website, adding to the game’s unique sci-fi opera atmosphere.

Some of my favorite fan art pieces from Eve are the concept ship models. These often feature a fully-designed spaceship, plus a few sketch or technical-style images. A great example is this entry into the ‘create a spaceship contest’, or this “Samalah” design from the same contest. Oh, and this lovely industrial carrier certainly deserves a mention as well. Notice the amount of creativity in these fantastic spaceships and the impressive array of detail in them as well. Rather skip the technical images and just see some inspiring space battles? Then check out this digitial art masterpiece by DA user Haemoncul, of two ships duking it out in space. Another excellent digital painting fan art piece for Eve is the Drake ship, also seen on DA. All of these images help convey the sense of impressive scale and power found in the amazing spaceships seen in Eve Online.

If you are looking for some amazing inspirational designs pieces set in space, look no farther than the Eve Online images. It’s an extraordinary game with a dedicated fan base, and the player-produced artwork is truly impressive.