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Posted on March 30, 2012

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Packaging DesignHere lately, we’ve been branching out and reaching out to clients in our area about new and innovative package design. It’s something we have a real heart for, and we’ve found the experience to be one of the most challenging projects we’ve ever taken on. If you’re feeling dried up and washed-out where your design career is concerned, we’d like to simply encourage the pursuit of the art of package design. If you’re unclear why this might be just the boom your business needs, then stick around.

  1. It’s Applied Design: So often in our line of work we feel like our art just isn’t being used. What we mean is, we often feel like the items and graphics we produce have no real bearing on anything, more specifically when a project is entirely digital. With package design, though, we have the luxury of creating and visualizing a design that will be used by potentially thousands of people. Furthermore, as a bit of packaging will be covering all the product to be shipped from our clients, it’s even more of an head rush to see the final design put into action.
  2. It’s Challenging: If you’re like us, you may have found yourself in a bit of a rut recently, pumping out the same letter-based designs, the same patterned items, etc. If this sounds familiar, then you likely already understand the need to challenge yourself. If you never stretch, you never grow, which is what makes package design so great for our needs. The process of producing an item that’s compact, clean, material friendly, and fully indicative of the tone and style of the product and brand can be a real piece of work. Furthermore, unlike print design, package design works in all three dimensions. This means fashioning an item that can easily be mass-produced, folded, filled, and shipped. All of these factors have to be considered, and they all add up to one infinitely more challenging experience.
  3. It’s Also Fun: And lastly, we simply enjoy package design. If you’ve never considered it, just think about how much packaging you deal with on a daily basis. Look at the household items you use, and think about the joy you’d get from designing something so ubiquitous. Feeling charged up yet?

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