Better DesignsWe’ve all been there, don’t worry: You’re cranking away at a design project, and no matter how you plug away, it just isn’t shaping up quite like you wish it would. However, just because a design isn’t quite coming together doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to liven it up a bit. No, if you’re looking for a few inspired ways in which to enrich, enhance, or otherwise streamline a design, then you’ve come to the right guide.

  1. Add a Pattern: This tip works especially well within the realm of logo design. Essentially, the thought is this: Do you have a bunch of white space lingering about in the design? Do you feel like that space just isn’t being used well enough? If so, then consider adding a pattern or other such texture to the areas instead of leaving them blank. If you can, find a pattern that exemplifies the color scheme you’re using, or one that compliments the theme. For instance, we recently created a logo for a driving-oriented site, and in the logo we used checkered flags to cover up white space. Such ideas are a great way to add flair, and if you get creative with it, we promise you’ll love the results—and your clients will too!
  2. Change the Color Scheme: We don’t know how many times we’ve had to do this, but in more cases than we’d like to admit, our color scheme was flat to the point of being mundane. If you’re experiencing a flat design, no matter what media it is, try changing the color scheme to something radically different. If you’re using a more subdued set, try something brighter. Likewise, feel free to tone it down a few notches if you’re banking on a particularly lively set of lime green and hot pink hues. All in all, if you’re feeling like the design has stretched itself to the limit, simply try shaking things up at the color tone level. You never know what the piece will look like with a new paint job, and if you don’t experiment, you’ll be cutting yourself short in the long run.