Though logo design might seem easy, in reality it’s one of the most complicated and challenging areas of graphic design. Just imagine: you have to represent a company or a brand, to create an image that will be associated with certain things or features among target audience, to make it unique, beautiful, and simple at the same time. These are the features of a smart logo.

Yes, making smart logos is hard, but not impossible. We hope that our tips will help you to develop and design perfect logos for your customers!

So, how to make smart logos?

1. Research A Lot

You logo has to represent your client and to be original at the same time. We remind you this because even if you come with interesting idea that is related to your client’s company or brand, there still might be someone, who came up with the similar idea for another client before. This is especially important if you are designing something for a client working in a big sphere: for example, if you create a logo for real estate company and include an image of house in that logo, be sure to check that no one ever used a similar house in logo made for another company.

2. Take Your Time

Of course, you can come up with a few logo concept shortly after reading the brief. Moreover, these concepts might be really good, but it is still important to wait. Usually the first ideas that come to your mind are the most commonly used, so if you take your time and research more, there’s a big chance that you’ll come up with something better and more original.

3. Be Simple

Make logo readable and easily understandable: in this case it’ll definitely deliver the right message to target audience. There’s no need to invent too complicated logos. Yes, they’ll look original, but it is possible that they won’t be interpreted or read correctly. And try to avoid abstract forms too (especially if you are an inexperienced designer): surely, some simple abstract shapes like Nike look amazing and are easily remembered, but they can fail to represent your client correctly as well.

4. Use Your Client’s Name

It most cases it’s better to put the name of your client’s company or brand into the logo rather than exclude it. This will help the target audience to remember your client more easily. Though you have to avoid using very ornamental fonts: they can be hard to read, especially when you resize the logo.

5. Create An Appropriate Logo

Logos can be serious, funny, stylish, childish, etc. If you are designing a logo for a serious business company, it should look serious and business-like as well. Though this may seem obvious, you have to remember that every detail of good logo is important as it can ruin the impression you were trying to make. Pay attention to everything – from icon to the font in which your client’s name is written – and be sure that all these details look good together and create the right image.

And, of course, feel free to use some inspiration if necessary. We hope that our examples of smart logos will help you to come up with your own brilliant ideas.

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