Real estate business brings millions to its owners, turning them into billionaires. No wonder the competition in this marketing sphere has been so harsh. Real estate businesses take any chance they can to get ahead of their competitors. Under such circumstances, design seems to be the most effective and acceptable tool that can help to achieve great results. DesignContest wants to show it to you in practice.

Real estate logo design

Let’s start with the company’s face – its logo. Any real estate company needs a remarkable business logo in order to win a significant market share and boost its company awareness. What’s more, real estate logo designs need to be exclusive (as any other logo design) and exquisite (as far as they need to reflect a kind of luxury hidden inside). If they lack at least one of the 2 qualities mentioned above, there is a major probability that such real estate logo designs will fail in their clients’ eyes.

How to make a real estate logo design exclusive

Exclusive logo design means one and only. It belongs only to your company. It presents only your company. It serves only to your company. Sounds easy? However, it’s extremely hard to achieve a pure originality when you’re surrounded with tonnes of copycat designs. DesignContest can provide you with an alternative to such copycats, for among 200 logo design entries submitted you will surely find quite a few samples that can meet your requirements.

How to make a real estate logo design exquisite

An exquisite real estate logo design is not only about how it looks. It’s also about how it feels in accordance with your business strategy. Think of such a successful company as Apple and its world famous logo. Its logo and the company it presents don’t cause any cognitive dissonance. However, try this logo for any real estate company and you’ll see how wrong and inconvenient it feels. Despite its pure originality, it doesn’t feel right because it reflects a wrong company history and shows wrong company traditions.

A great real estate logo design should be connected with the company it’s aimed to present. Some say that using the company’s name or a symbol connected with it on a real estate logo design is sort of a relic of the past. However, that’s not quite true. In general, such kinds of real estate logo designs will make it clear what your company is all about. Company’s values aren’t the last feature in such cases.

Real estate logo design created by DesignContest

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real estate logo design

real estate logo design

real estate logo design

Real estate business cards design

The real estate business cards design is another feature that can save your real estate business when it needs to be saved. Business cards show how significant your company is, as well as that it’s worth your clients’ trust. They say you’re judged by your appearance at first and by your mind later. In the case of real estate companies, your appearance is presented by your business cards. The real estate business cards design differs from other marketing spheres design due to 3 significant elements: simplicity, sophistication, and trust.

How to make your real estate business cards design simple

In order to make your real estate business cards design simple, you need to follow a golden rule of three elements placed on your business card. Your company’s logo, your name, and your contact information. These are three elements you need. Nothing more, nothing less. If you add some additional perks, they may divert your clients’ attention from what should be really important for them – your company and you as a professional who may help them to find a cozy home they’ll spend their lives in.

How to make your real estate business cards design sophisticated

A sophisticated real estate business cards design could be a tough thing to achieve. You need to see the smooth border between “exquisite” and “kitsch” and keep the balance on the edge. Real estate business card designs need to be beautiful and credible. The text you place there should be quite readable, the pictures should be clean and fresh. In general, the impression overall should be only positive.

Real estate business card design created by DesignContest

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real estate business card design

real estate business card design