Looking for ways to show off the amount of traffic you get to your blog without appearing tacky. Or do you simple want to keep track of your bog viewing stats without being so over the top? Here are some neat blog traffic tracking widgets that can help enhance your personal blog appearance.


Flag Counter

Do you like to keep track of your page views and the amount of traffic you get daily on your blog? Why not take the extra step and find out where your users are visiting your site from? The Flag Counter widget is the perfect touch. It helps you see which countries your visitors are from and keeps a tally of the most popular visiting countries. You can choose to display the widget and your results in any of the following ways: Top Countries, Flag Map, or U.S. States. The “Top Countries” display will show up to 30 different countries’ flags and have a number tally next to each flag showing how many visitors from that country has viewed your site. The “Flag Map” display will come up as a map of the world with a country’s flag displayed once a visitor from the country views your site. The “U.S. States” display resembles that of the “Top Countries” display layout, with the exception that each state’s flag will be displayed once someone views your site from that particular state. This particular widget is easy to install and customize and works well on popular blog sites such as Blogger.


This widgit allows you to see the latest traffic and updates related to your blog. The displayed feature will show when someone has viewed your blog from what city and country and at what time. In addition to live traffic feed, it will also show updates that other viewers have done in conjunction with you blog. There are three versions of Feedjit available: Free with ads, Advanced with no ads, and Pro with no ads and additional features in addition to what the “Advanced” version already has. You can customize the size and color theme of this widgit to match your blog and it is can be easily installed to your personal blog with literally a couple clicks of your mouse.


Want to take your blog’s traffic tracking to a whole new dimension? This widgit offers page views and traffic trafficking to be displayed proudly on your blog with a graphically enhanced and 3-dimensional effects. Countries, cities, and flags of the viewing place of each viewer of your blog can be tallied and shown in sphere shaped displays, moving landscapes, and geographic maps. A free version is offered and after the trial period ends you have the choice and staying with the free version or upgrading to the pro version.