Indeed, we’ve mentioned our love for Booooooom! in the past, but this great website really deserves a post all its own. With everything from art to photography to film to music, Booooooom! is bursting with inspirational sources for just about every type of artist out on the market today. Fortunately, since graphic design is such a multi-faceted art form, Booooooom! has plenty to offer any designers who are willing to browse its archives for a few minutes. Of course, we couldn’t just talk about Booooooom! without pointing out some of our favorite articles featured on the site right now. Check out the items listed below to be inspired and encouraged by the work of fellow artists around the world.

Chad Moore Photography: Pretty much the quintessential summer photography portfolio, Mr. Moore’s work is astoundingly simple and brings back feelings of summertime as a teenager. These photographs make great use of natural lighting to best highlight summer memories and remind photographers that they don’t have to heavily edit pictures in order to create summer portraits that are worthy of display. Study his photography for insight on how to capture some great silhouettes in everyday situations.

Driss Ouadahi Paintings: Brilliantly trippy, these paintings are the type of artwork that you can stare at for hours without getting bored. (Ok, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration.) A collection of modern art style works, Ouadahi’s paintings make full use of interesting angles and lines to draw viewers into his pieces, which are full of depth and dimension. Draw inspiration from this artist’s use of lines for your next graphic design project.

Julie Joliat Planners: Fun and completely unique, Joliat’s little planner notebooks offer a fresh new take on the old school art form of connect-the-dots while providing a practical approach to maintaining a day to day agenda. Arguably more fun and creative than any other planner on the market right now, these planners are sure to motivate you to keep yourself creative when dreaming up product designs, reminding yourself that a new take on an old idea may be just the best way to go.

Bianca Chang Animations: We may have just saved the best for last on this little list o’ Booooooom! articles, as Chang’s stop-motion animations are inspiring enough to make even the novice film editor want to go out and grab a camera. Beautiful paper cut pieces form the subject matter for this lovely video, which is definitely more than worth the minute-and-a-half of your time.