Every graphic designer needs eye candy and inspiration, so why not start with your desktop! If you want icons that are uniquely developed by talented graphic artists with work you would proudly display on your desktop, here are a few sites that can get you started in the right direction.


This website caters to the kid inside of all of us. One glance at the artwork featured on this website will sure make you squeal with glee at how adorably goofy the work is.  Not only is this site flooded with cutesy artwork, but it also offers cool extras such as desktop wallpaper, icon packs, and even stuff for your iPhone.  They have icon packs geared toward both Mac and Windows systems and both are very user friendly. For Windows, they work best with programs such as RocketDock. Each icon pack features anywhere from eight to twelve similar themed icons such as popsicles or zoo animals. Simply click on which systems you want to download the pack for and that’s all. These designs are all designed by the artists behind Indeepop, making each icon even more unique.


Although not as individually unique, in the sense that the graphic artwork displayed on this site is self done,  this site provides a lot of graphic features and tools for your PC. With a wide variety of icon sets for your Mac or Windows system, there are sorts of themed icons such as nature related icons and even Star Wars themed ones. You can filter the icons by category and scroll through the designs until you find a set that you like. Most of these sets only come with 4 icons, unlike Indeepop which generally has double the number of icons in a set. However, just like Indeepop, this website also offers desktop wallpaper and mobile art. The site does accept outside artwork submissions which is the main premise of its features.

Dry Icons

This website features more commonplace looking icons and even has profession related icons such as medical related icons. Most of the icons featured on this website are digital or holiday related icons which can cater to all age groups. The designs are more simplistic and less cutesy in comparison to Indeepop and Pixelgirl. There are over 3,000 icons featured on this website, so there are plenty of selections to choose from. They offer their icon packs in the following methods: free, commercial license, and extended license. There are also several downloadable formats made available for you to choose from.