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Best of Gallery: The Color Red in Design

Posted on April 24, 2013

Category: General, Web Design

Best of Gallery: The Color Red in Design

Red is one of the most extreme colors in the rainbow.

And it is a common color when it comes to design because of consistent meanings. Red is most commonly used as an accent color (especially common when creating website buttons, sale notifications or signs or colored text) but can also be used as the primary hue in a color palette.

Let’s take a look at the meanings of red and showcase some powerful designs based on the color.

Common Meanings
The color is known for its ability to stir emotions – both negatively and positively – and therefore is associated with passion.

Different hues of red can have different and wide-ranging associations. The most saturated hues are connected to love, anger, violence and heat.

Common positive associations include love, courage, strength, independence, action, energy and passion.

Common negative associations include evil, danger, blood, aggressiveness, war, anger and death.

Variances in hue, though can alter one’s perception of the color.

The addition of white, makes the color a much more feminine-linked pink. These cooler red tones are thought to be more attractive to women from pinks to magenta.

Warmer reds, which have a more orange hue, are considered more pleasing to men. Think of more earthy tones, such a brick red.

Red is a universally popular color for restaurant design projects. Various studies have shown that the bright color can help stimulate the appetite.

Cultural Associations
While the use of red is fairly universal in meaning in application, the color does have a few distinct cultural considerations. Think about these things closely when designing a website or material that is intended for global distribution.

Chinese brides wear red as a symbol of good luck. In most Asian cultures, the color s associated positively with prosperity, wealth and happiness.

Red is the color of purity and new life in India. The Japanese have similar associations with the color, associating it with women giving birth.

In Russia, red is the symbol of communism and war.

Red takes on a more somber meaning in South Africa, where it represents mourning and loss.

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