How to choose a great font for a logo design?

It is well known fact for every graphic designer, that picking out the right typeface for you logo is a crucial part of the design process. We can often come across the dilemma which font to choose among the millions available. Choosing the right font for your logo can be very exhausting and time consuming. There are no ideal rules that will help you choose the typeface. But there are tips that can help you decide what is best for your current project. And now we would like to present you some points that should be taken into account when selecting a font for a logo.

Don’t use standard fonts. You should know better than using Word fonts in a logo design. There’s plenty fonts presented in the web. Don’t miss out on that opportunity, spend some time researching available variants. Your client will be more than glad to see original font in his logo.

Don’t use fonts that are in fashion. The same situation is with the trendy fonts. If some typefaces are wide spread today, it doesn’t mean they will be in some time. You should always consider the logo aging factor. The client doesn’t want to change his logo every year. By the by, the client won’t be pleased to have the logo with a font similar to the competition.

Avoid delicate fonts. Although, it is possible to use wirly and thin fonts in some logos. In general designer’s community tends not to use them.

Don’t be biased. A good designer never falls under superstitions. For example if you’re designing Greek vine company logo you don’t necessarily need to use Lithos. Futura is not the only font to designate future. And Papyrus is not the only means to portray Egypt. Try to think outside the box and you’ll get something original. Although, one should never discard the experience of his predecessors, copying the good old standards is either not the answer.

Don’t mix the unmixable. The most important thing is to make both typeface and logo similar in style and appropriate to the meaning. How would you like Mozart album cover done with some Hard Rock font?

Never stop the search. Even if you have an idea for a font in a particular design you may dig deeper and try to found even better suiting font. There are lots of them, and you never know which might fit the project best. You can always present a couple of variants.

Define the role of the text. The role of the typeface in a logo may be different. It may be a letter it may be a word or a slogan. The thing to consider is the importance of it in the whole picture of the logo. It may stand out against the background or be an imperceptible part of the composition. The role of the font should be selected accordingly.

Rules are made for braking. It is always a good thing to experiment and try something new. It doesn’t necessarily mean that great new ideas of font usage will pour down, but it will surely help you realise where you can break the line and go a little further and where to stay orthodox.