There will always be various ways you can boost your revenue, get new jobs and even increase your own skill sets by using a blog to promote your portfolio. However, blogging simply isn’t for everyone.  That being said, there are other ways to blog very little and still make quite a dent in the market. How is this accomplished? Mini-blogging tool with Twitter. Twitter is an indispensable way to get your name out, post your newest graphic designs, and forge a relationship with new networks.

  1. Post Interesting Content: First and foremost, as with a blog dedicated to your own designs, don’t just post what you’re doing with your company. This is endlessly self-promoting, and people will recognize it as such. Instead, try to post content that you feel your viewers will find interesting. This means looking through the Internet at various design resources and inspiration sites, and then reblogging those pieces that you yourself find awesome. With any luck, so will your readers, and at the very least they’ll get a good feel for the style you possess. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post links to your own stuff! Of course you should! Just be sure to mix in some regular content, as well.
  2. Talk a Lot: The celebrity Twitter accounts that draw the most traffic usually enjoy this kind of status because they have an excellent relationship with their followers. Think about people like Lady Gaga, or even Will Wheaton. They regularly tweet back to answer questions, post comments, and sometimes even start a row with their followers. All of this adds up to a more personal relationship, one that your followers will enjoy, and one that encourages them to come back. If you use our hint in step one and post a piece you enjoy, invite discussion about it. Ask your followers to comment, and then actually give a rat’s ass to respond. No, you may not actually care: Yes, we all just want more work. But at the end of the day, healthy discussion is exactly that—healthy, and it will certainly drive a lot of traffic.