In several recent articles we took some pretty deep looks at what online site builders are, how they can help you increase your business and profits, and when they are appropriate to use. However, we have yet to discuss who these site builders are actually for. What we mean is this: Whether you’re an industry newbie or a seasoned design veteran, you should at least give the technology some consideration. There are pros and cons to both, and if you’re not willing to sit down and analyze how an online site builder can meet your needs, you’re really missing out.

  1. The Design Newbie: If you’re new to the industry and have next to no idea what you’re doing when it comes to code—but have that design degree hanging on your wall—you are the absolute best match for an online site builder. These tools make it bloody simple for you to take what you know (web design and layout) and apply it directly to a coded world of bliss. That’s a bit fancy, but the idea remains the same. Without anymore learning on your part, you can use what you know to create really professional looking pieces that your clients will love.
  2. The Veteran on a Budget: Has a friend or family member asked you to produce a site for them on a budget that simply isn’t up to your standards? Do you still want to do it, but dread the amount of time you’ll need to throw into the ring? If so, then use a site builder! It will simplify the process greatly, and will ensure that you can still complete the project, but with a budget-matching performance level.
  3. The Mom-and-Pop Shop: If you run a very small local business, and you’re looking to get online with your store, an online site builder is ideal for you. It will allow you to quickly lay out an aesthetically pleasing site without any additional learning on your part. And as most site building services offer some kind of template for you to edit, you may not even need an eye for creative layouts or design. You certainly won’t need to know any code, and the process of getting your site hosted could not be simpler here, either.