We understand your predicament: There’s simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that needs doing, including logo designs, letterhead prints, fussing with client criticism, wrangling the printer into shape, etc. Sometimes being a graphic designer can feel like also having a minor in lion taming. However, just because being a design is stressful and often headache inducing does not mean there aren’t several ways in which you can streamline your life, improve your efficiency, and boost productivity. Don’t believe us? Then read on, Pilgrim. Our list of efficaciously placed tips starts below, just after the break!

  1. Be an Effective Commuter: If you ride to work (Let’s say you work for a major design firm) make the most of your non-busy busy hours. Bring along a sketchbook and draw some of those new logo ideas. Carry along a day planner and map out the morning’s meetings. We don’t care what you do, but as they say, “Time to lean, time to clean!”
  2. Be A Note Taker: Another great way to boos your productivity is to keep a notes system. Write down the things you need to accomplish, and then check off items as you complete them. Jot it down when you’ve got a meeting to catch, or when you need to pick up milk on the way home. Trust us, leaving physical reminders of your busy schedule will help immensely to improve it.
  3. Maximize Macros: Are you a whizz when it comes to Adobe keyboard shortcuts? We’re hoping you are, but if you aren’t, we highly suggest you get to waxing on and waxing off. Saving yourself the hassle of needing to move from the page to your toolbar every time a new brush is required is tremendously inefficient. Pick up a chart and get to learning!
  4. Put Tools In The Shed: As a designer, your computer and hardware are the bread to your butter. Without them, you’re essentially a sitting duck. So how does one prevent any unwanted surprises from happening? By regularly updating, of course! Always be sure your computer and hardware are up to date with the provider’s standards, that way you’re constantly receiving bug and stability fixes: A valuable necessity in this industry.

That’s all our productivity tips for now! They’re quick, basic, and though they don’t require much thought, they’ll go a long way toward improving your speed as a designer.