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March 18, 2018

Yoga For A Logo Design

Yoga For A Logo Design

Yoga logos should reflect peace and tranquility. There are so many options that it is often difficult to understand what logo design your yoga business should obtain. However, even if you have no ideas at all, DesignContest can help. Let us show you several great yoga logo designs created on our platform to inspire you for more.

1. I Am Yoga

yoga logo design inspiration

According to the recent researches, one in 10 Americans now practices yoga. In general, yoga is one of the most popular activities in the world, therefore it gets so much attention. If you want to turn your yoga business into a successful brand, try to create a strong bond between the customers and the business itself. For example, you can follow the example of the company called I Am Yoga that referred to DesignContest earlier for a logo design. Our graphic designers managed to concentrate on the brand’s name itself, making the logo highlight its uniqueness but not grab the biggest piece of pie. As a result, this yoga logo design looks calm and steady. Just what a successful yoga business needs.

2. Nydia’s Yoga Therapy

yoga business logo design inspiration

Which symbols come to your mind first and foremost when you hear “yoga”? As a rule, number one association is a lotus. When you choose this flower for your yoga business representation, you need to be ready to face lots of yoga studios that use the same symbol. However, this can be turned to your advantage. Making your logo lotus flower look unusual, creative, and original will be one more bargaining chip of your business. For example, look at the logo for Nydia’s Yoga Therapy created on DesignContest. The sophisticated flower chosen for this design and the lotus pose that gets visible in its counters create a brilliant impression. When my friend saw this design, he even wanted to get a similar tattoo. This is what we call when the logo sinks into the memory.

3. Mysore Yoga Atlanta

yoga business logo design ideas

Stained glass seems to be pretty far from the graphic design. Especially it has no connection to a yoga business. Still, DesignContest is capable of seeing things others don’t. Our platform managed to come up with a perfect solution for a yoga business called Mysore Yoga Atlanta. In the case of this logo design, stained glass looks like a final chord one needs to make this logo perfect.

4. Chill-Hot Yoga & Massage Therapy

yoga business logo design ideas inspiration

Balance, tranquility, self-improvement… What else do you expect from a yoga studio and what else do you want it to show? For the brand called Chill Hot Yoga & Massage Therapy, these three elements are combined in one beautiful and creative logo design. The certain level of neglect, an unusual display of a lotus pose, and a blue color used to finish the entire design makes this picture truly perfect. Such yoga logo designs complete the brand and distinguish it from business competitors.

5. Winter Surf/Yoga Clothing

yoga business logo design ideas inspiration

A yoga logo design should look smooth and gentle, bringing some kind of the inner balance. This effect is particularly hard to achieve, let alone the time when you want to combine a yoga practice with something else. However, there is nothing impossible when you put lots of thinking in it. Sometimes, you can even achieve the effect when one symbol could stand for several objects, just like it is in the case of Winter Surf/ Yoga Clothing. In this case, your yoga logo design will reflect everything you need for a successful business promotion.

6. Yoga Centre

yoga logo design inspiration ideas

This is one more example of a yoga business turned into a successful brand with the help of a logo. The general idea was to create the yoga logo design capable of reflecting beauty and love for life. This centre was aimed at creating a community of people who want to find themselves through practicing yoga. That is why it was so important for graphic designers to show that this is not just for the business but for the soul. This light logo design expresses featheriness you should feel after attending this yoga center.

7. Find Your Balance Yoga

yoga logo design inspiration ideas

If yoga is all about finding balance, you have come to a right place. The following yoga logo design contains several components that express harmony, starting with the character and finishing with the special typography. The logo created for Find Your Balance Yoga uses two well-combined colors, Cognac and Buddha Gold, that express the tension one is constantly looking for. This yoga logo design is a clear evidence of the fact how important colors are when you want to impact people in your own special way.

8. Still Hot Yoga

yoga design logo inspiration ideas

A simple search for “yoga” returns more than 60.000 results on Amazon. The competition in this sphere is more than just severe. Most of the logos aimed at a yoga business contain similar elements (e.g. a lotus pose or a lotus flower, sacred geometry etc.). That is why, if you want to get noticed among those 60.000 search results, you need to show how different you are, and how amazing it should be to cooperate with you. In other words, you need to make people fall in love with your yoga business at the first sight. Nothing can assist you in this purpose better than a creative logo design like the one created for Still Hot Yoga. Instead of placing the elements everyone is used to, this yoga logo contains the fire, which corresponds to its name and is still pretty much surprising in its expression.

9. Open Your Heart Yoga Center

yoga center logotype design

When you want to express how much you love your business and your clients, a simple heart on your logo design will help you a lot. Especially if you combine this heart with the other hint that leads to what your business is dealing with. The following yoga logo design created on DesignContest is unique not only because of the visual design elements. This logo uses several colors that are blended together and are almost impossible to count. The main color is Light Orchid. However, this prime color is mixed with several similar ones to create the unforgettable beautiful impression.

10. TruFusion Yoga

yoga design logo inspiration

When you need to surprise your clients, a rebranding is a perfect way to make people talk about your yoga business. Especially when you decide to be highly creative and use something different from your competitors to make a perfect logo for it. For example, among dozens of designs made for Trufusion Yoga, it was decided to implement the logo that doesn’t have any special symbols to be connected with a yoga practice. Instead, the small spheres of different colors and sizes immediately catch your eye, even without using any lotus flowers.

11. Yoga Instructor: Daria Gredysa

yoga instructor logo design ideas inspiration

A personal logo for a yoga instructor is quite an important thing to do. Taking into account the fact that this logo will be used on different advertising materials along with business cards etc., these logos should be eloquent and mesmerizing. What is more, they are mostly used to promote the business of one single person, which makes such logos even more important. Thus, you need to highlight a zest on your logo to make it memorable and, therefore, make it work.

Bottom Line

A yoga logo design is one of many elements that complete your brand identity. As you see, our platform is the right place for you to start creating this identity. Simply because we’ve already done it before and we know exactly what your clients want.


Natalie Antiuk

Yoga is one of the most popular activities worldwide. It is one of the most competitive businesses in America and Europe. Even if you don’t have your own yoga studio, you will be able to get inspired by the diversity and creativity of yoga logos created on DesignContest.