This January we’re featuring inspiring DesignContest designer, Erick of CKS Design. With over 193 winning entries, including an incredible 77 gold entries, 69 silver, and 47 brass, DesignContest clients are choosing Erick’s contemporary and conceptual designs over and over again.

Erick’s high experience level is easy to see with his extensive portfolio of clever and striking logo and graphic designs. Read on to learn how Erick became so skilled in visual architecture.

When did you start designing? What inspired you to take up graphic design?

I have been drawing since I was a child, a little bit of everything. 🙂

I started my career as an architect and worked for many years in this area, and in parallel, I did some work as a graphic designer. Little by little I dedicated myself more and more to graphic design, which has always fascinated me.

If you hadn’t become a designer, who do you think you would become instead?

Maybe another kind of designer … automotive or industrial designer or I would follow as an architect, but always dedicated to art…creation, or even be a musician!

Winning design for CharlieRyder

What qualities do you think a great graphic designer should have?

I believe in being attentive to detail (everywhere), understanding the client and his business, being flexible, and being up to date with new trends and the classic strands of graphic design.

What skills does one need to have to be successful on DesignContest?

Dedication, originality, reading and understanding the brief, respecting other designers… would be the base, and I also think that quality is more important than quantity.

Winning design for Kiyo Japanese Food

Do you admire any current trends in design?

I admire all design trends, digital arts, pop art, etc… but I have a particular passion for minimalist and clean design.

How do you handle difficult clients?

As I mentioned before, flexibility and patience are fundamental with difficult clients. Often clients have pre-conceived ideas, but we know it’s not always the best for their business, it’s up to us to present them with a fresh perspective.

Winning design for Citus

Do you have any designs you a particularly proud of?

This is a hard one to answer… because I have a special affection for each job I do, it’s more or less like a child, I couldn’t choose one in particular… but the jobs that I have more freedom are my favorites… and also the most challenging ones.

How do you get new skills in design and learn something new? Do you watch videos, read books, etc.?

Following design and art channels, either on TV or on the web, are my ways to get more knowledge and keep myself updated. 

Admiring the works of good designers, also push me to improve mine.

What is your advice to DC newbies?

I think it’s important to be respectful, both with clients and with the other designers on the platform, dedicating yourself, reading and understanding the brief, and presenting the client with something you would like for yourself, something as original as possible, are the keys to having a winning work.