This December we feature the inspiring DesignContest designer, Yulistana. With over 139 winning entries, including a whopping 48 gold entries, 52 silver, and 39 brass, Yulistana’s creative and striking designs catch the eye of DesignContest clients and businesses everywhere.

Yulistana’s extensive portfolio especially demonstrates her ability to create attractive and expressive logo and graphic designs. You’re sure to find inspiration and useful design advice from Yulistana’s story.

When did you start designing? What inspired you to take up graphic design?

I joined DesignContest about 5-6 years ago. At that time I was referred by a friend to take part in logo design competitions at DesignContest. I was hesitant at first, but I kept working at it and finally managed to get my first gold medal (after three weeks on DC).

If you weren’t a designer, who do you think you would be?

Maybe I would be a printing entrepreneur.

Winning design for the Tough Mothers Academy

What qualities do you think a great graphic designer should have?

I honestly say to be a great graphic designer you must be able to see the opportunity for ideas in the things you see. And also have a detailed understanding of various design techniques, so that the end result can easily be applied to all media.

What skills does one need to succeed in DesignContest?

The main skill is a sense of art, then freehand skill and using computer software.

Winning design for Fort St. John Huskies


Do you admire current design trends?

Honestly, I don’t really idolize viral/popular designs at this time. I like to take lessons from past designs to collaborate with current trend designs.

How do you handle difficult clients?

I stay patient and continue learning what the client wants. If I need to, I’ll ask the DC admin for help.

Winning design for Dog Wellness Center

Do you have a design that you are very proud of?

Of course, there are designs that I like, sometimes they don’t even win in contests, but I really like them.

How do you get new skills in design and learn something new? Do you watch videos, read books, etc.?

I like to learn to use new programs that will help me finalize my design. I do like watching informative videos on YouTube as well for inspiration and to help me learn how to apply the appropriate technology.

What’s your advice for DC newbies?

My advice is: learn from the great designers in DC (see their work and see how to present their work in each contest), keep on designing (try to be creative), and pray for God’s blessings.