Importance of biz card mustn’t be underestimated, just because it’s the first impression you make on a client. And they are still in use, even in the digital age. 

Usually, people take card  because of politeness than own will and throw away immediately around the corner. But if you have a unique biz card, then to discard it will be impossible, even if a person doesn’t want to use your services anymore. And if your business card amuses or even shocks, it’s a sure sign that you will be noticed and it’s the most important thing! Business card should be unique and memorable, thus making customers come back.

We’ve collected for you 4 insightful infographics you must see if you want to make a killer first impression.

Infographic #1. How to Design the Best Business Card.

how to design the best business card



Infographic #2. Business Card Design Basics.



Infographic #3. Business Cards & Networking.



Infographic #4. Interesting Facts On the Evolution Of Business Cards.




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