2017 is aimed at striking, mesmerizing and thrilling people. You should get prepared for everything, for this year is planning to amaze you. The Latin saying In Omnia Paratus (ready for everything) seems to be in this year’s veins. It refers to everything, especially in terms of web design, for you have to fascinate people in order to get noticed.

The first thing your clients notice when they come across your product in the digital world is its interface. Making it bright will hardly help you attract their attention. Making it interesting, on the contrary, will certainly do. DesignContest has decided to present you with a list of 5 best tools for interface animation that have appeared in 2017 and have already conquered the hearts of graphic designers through all over the world.


Officially launched in April, Keyshape is one of the newest apps that facilitate the process of creating interface animation. Being a 2D vector graphics and animation software, the app makes it possible to design CSS animation for your website’s interface along with creative gifs for social media etc. In addition to that, Keyshape perfectly gets on with HTML code by transferring all the animation you need into SVG-code at ease. The size of animation doesn’t matter as well: the app copes with everything faster than a lightning.

Kite Compositor

Kite Compositor is a completely new web design app that is able to perform miracles in terms of the interface animation. This brand new app was launched in March 2017 but is already considered to be a highly promising one. It’s supposed to gain the same fame as Principle or Sketch and is even capable of overtaking them. The set of templates, animations and other delicious perks this app owns is definitely going to assist in it.

Kite Compositor was created in the way it could follow all the principles of a responsive web design; Ethan Marcotte should be proud that his studies are being followed so carefully. The app itself is very clear and easy to use: you will hardly find a person in our century that will not be able to understand how Kite Compositor works. The app stick to the rule that simplicity runs our world nowadays, that’s why it’s aimed at making interface animation as simple as it has never been before. Kite builds your interface by adding the latest and, therefore, greatest animation tricks possible.


Having been upgraded at the end of March, OmniGraffle added patterns for interface projection, which facilitated the process of turning interface animations into a wonderful combination of magnificent effects and marvelous colors. Though it costs a lot and is suitable only for Mac OS, its price is completely justified by all the tools it includes. However, this software might be not the best option for freelance designers, as far as it was created mostly for web design studios that have an extremely large workflow.

Adobe After Effects

The latest version of Adobe After Effects was released in February 2017, which makes the app one month older than Kite Compositor. After Effects has been improving constantly and steadily, which makes us even wonder what is going to be next. The latest improvements refer to the speed of interface effects: becoming much faster, they enable the interactive performance and endorse interface by making it look alive and fascinating. The more novelties you implement into your interface, the more it appeals to your clients. A stunning interface can promote itself; with the help of 3D animation, provided by After Effects, this promotion will happen much quicker and smoother. Moreover, After Effects can boast about having a steep learning curve in its arsenal, which may replace any tool by creating all kinds of animation.


Animista has pleased its users by having recently released a set of various animations suitable for Adobe Muse website. Not only will you be impressed by the wide range of animations, presented by Animista, but also their quality and variety will knock the socks off you. The best thing is that Animista allows you to watch what the animation you chose is going to look like before actually using it, therefore you’ll save lots of your time by using those interface animations that won’t do anything except for impressing your clients. Twists, swipes, slides, appearances etc. are just a drop in the ocean, if you compare them to the quantity released by Animista.

Hope our collection of tools for the interface animation came in handy for you! Do you know any other useful tools that help to create awesome interface animations? Share your knowledge in comments with DesignContest!