In 1926, Nikola Tesla predicted that through television and telephony people would be able to see and hear each other as perfectly as if they were face to face despite the distances of thousands miles. In 1935, Nikola Tesla predicted that machines would replace human labor. Every single prediction turned out to be true. The one that machines will start thinking as well.

Artificial intelligence is something everyone has heard of. Softwares and apps capable of learning and getting improved on their own keep raising more and more investments. No wonder that AI gets involved in every sphere of our life. Design is no exception. Machine learning brings design to the new stage of its development. Even the most common apps start using AI to improve their performance.

DesignContest has gathered 5 design softwares and apps that use AI. you need to try them out. And here’s why.

Let’s Enhance

The software used for design can be clever. But you will hardly come across something as much brilliant as Let’s Enhance in the world of design. This website uses machine learning to enhance images of a low quality. This way, the website is learning on its own, memorizing the ways one or another photo can be improved.

ai software for design

Let’s Enhance has three basic filters. Its Anti-JPEG filter removes JPEG artifacts and converts the image to the PNG format. The Boring filter is not so boring after all. It performs the upscaling to four times the size but preserves all the details. It is perfect for “cleaning” your graphic design elements (e.g. your logo design). The third filter is called Magic and it does almost impossible things like adding some details to your image in order to improve its quality, so it is a great tool for editing photos. Free of charge, by the way.


Germany is famous for its speedy cars, brilliant machinery, and tasty beer. Recently, they have added one more point to this list of achievements. Germany is helping out design a lot by coming up with a brilliant software that uses artificial intelligence to enhance images even of the worst quality. Similar to Let’s Enhance, EnhanceNet-PAT uses AI to learn how to make the images better and get rid of blur. Using this software, you’ll end up with high-resolution images and forget about the poor quality of your initial visual content.

Select Subject by Adobe Photoshop

This is the kind of software you weren’t expecting to see on this list, right? We’re excited to inform you that a new Photoshop tool Select Subject allows users to make their selections in just one click. Using Artificial Intelligence, the tool memorizes shapes and lets you change edges much easier. Machine learning helps this tool to recognize the objects and facilitates the process of editing images.


An application for photo and video that transforms your content in works of famous artists using photo and video filters. Due to the artificial intelligence, this app makes your visual content look as if it was created by Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Leonid Afremov etc. The machine learning is actually what makes this application so precise. If you’re thinking of creating the website with images in one common style, Prisma will help you to get noticed.


Similar to Prisma, Deepart turns your images into masterpieces. However, while Prisma allows you to moderate the scale of how special effects, Deepart does everything on its own. The AI is used to track the way of making pictures look real and keep to the style chosen. That’s why this application is also perfect when you want to design the website is if it was painted by Van Gogh.

Bottom Line

Nikola Tesla was right. With all those technologies, the future is no longer far away. The future is already here.