Do you know how to present your company to others? Do you know how you can get more trust and develop a firm social media strategy? DesignContest has prepared 5 questions that will help you to achieve that!

1. What is your company story?

storytellinf brand design trends 2018

This won’t be a great surprise for you. Your company needs a story and not just because a storytelling is a meaningful trend for the company branding in 2018. Your company needs its own story as the way to engage clients in your brand and its sustainable development. A storytelling ensures clients that they are a significant part of your company, part of your great story. Who would not like to be that? Thus, tell your story, make it a part of something bigger, make it tremendous and worth admirations.

How to tell your company story?

In this case, you need a creative design and a vivid imagination combined in one unseparable unit. Your company story can be told through several pieces that share one common style like a logo design along with your website design, brand identity, and other supporting design elements. The more creative you get, the better your result will be. Just remember that everything should be connected. For example, take a look at the project called Mr. Comfort Coffee found on Behance.

brand identity design

The storytelling begins with the name of the company. If you add Mr, Mrs, Lady, or Buddy to your company’s name, you make it more personal and begin the personification of the company. Which is the first step to a great corporate story. Then, this brand has chosen to express its identity in one common style, connecting it with the name and the brand concept in general. If you take a closer look at the design, you will understand that every element, starting with a tree and ending with a bear, can make a great story of a person who enjoys a hot cup of excellent coffee, sitting on a rocking-chair far from civilization and enjoying the nature. This coffee helps you to escape your problems and a daily routine. Which is why you become eager to buy it. And this is how the storytelling works.

2. Why does your company exist?

questions to define your brand

“To make money” wouldn’t be the best responce. Think of who you wanted to become as a child. A pilot, a teacher, a policemen, or an Orbit salesman (sounds funny, but my best friend did want to sell Orbit in her childhood). The point I’m driving home here is that your company should help your clients to fulfil their dream. This is the reason it exists and the reason your clients should appreciate it. If you position your brand as a tool that helps peopleto get what they want, you will never lose the marketing fight.

3. Why do customers trust your company?

question to define your brand clients trust

This is another field that should be specified because it is important for your clients as much as it is important for you. You need to develop a company strategy that will explain it why your business should be trusted. Your experience, the way you take care about your clients, the rate your company is given on the market: everything should be evaluated in order for you to present the best results.

4. What companies do you compete with?

companies competition brand definition

Know your enemy. Or enemies, if that matters. You need to understand who you are against, as well as the way your competitors could be defeated. Your competitors create a backgroungd for your own company. Do your best to make this background blurred.

5. What do you expect from the future?

expect from the future questions to define your brand

Your company is supposed to grow and develop. Without such progress, everything is pointless. That is why define your brand strategy and think of what you want to get from the future. If you have already done that, make sure your clients are aware of your plans. This will help them to get closer to your business and to push its growth.

Bottom Line

Five questions cannot tell people everything about your brand. However, they can help people to understand your company, which is already a good start.