First, let’s refer to statistics. According to the latest researches provided by Adobe, design driven companies have increased the S&P Index by 219% over the last years. The S&P Index defines how successful the company is overall in the economic sphere and is also a key metrics of any business progress. Thus, a good design boosts your business in a radical way.

What’s more, companies that are driven by creativity conquer two times more market shares. It can be easily explained by the fact that any ingenious design rivets people’s attention and raises their interest.

If those data aren’t enough, DesignContest will give you 6 more reasons that will prove: a good design does matter to your business.

A good design sells

The following situation has happened to everyone. Imagine, I come to the supermarket because I ran out of milk. I’m not a big fan of it (which means I’m not loyal to any dairy company) so I don’t really care which milk to buy. Mostly I would be interested in the price (I need it to be reasonable); the rest I’ll decide driven by my intuition. So, I come to the shelf and see dozens of similar bottles that differ only by the manufacturers’ names. Suddenly, I notice IT.

milk design

The design of this milk bottle is highly unusual, so I buy it because I really like it and it captured my attention. This is the first reason you need a good design – because it sells and brings you a large revenue. The more you invest in your design, the more benefits it will give you in the future.

milk design

A good design secures your brand’s awareness

You see a half eaten apple – you think of Apple. You see a yellow M – you think of McDonald’s. You see a swoosh – you think of Nike. Those are three of thousands of great logo design examples that promote a brand awareness. This is what happens when companies use a great design – they convey a strong connection between their brand and their customers’ needs: a good design secures your brand awareness campaign.

A good design broadens your brand

A good design is not only about how it looks; it’s more about how it feels and how it gets precepted. It is similar to love. A good design is like a chemistry. The reaction will either be significant or there will be no reaction at all. All those love, chemistry, and passion are necessary for the right perception of your brand by your target audience. A good design always feels right and awakens the desire to try the product out.

A good design sets you apart from the crowd

A good design makes things different. Letting your products stand out of the crowd means giving it a chance to get remembered. People like being amazed; they like to be surrounded by beauty; they love being a part of something bigger, something significant, something non-standard. A good design can make people satisfied, indeed. Your company’s products and services can gain the amount of expression your competitors surely lack. Being not alike is what all the companies are chasing after. In your case, you can be ahead of the game.

A good design raises your users’ engagement

A good design makes your clients engaged in your business. Everyone likes being involved in the process and design helps people to feel as if they were a significant part of the business process. This users’ engagement stands for a right perception as well. Have you ever come across a user-friendly mobile app that just doesn’t feel right? The reason is not in its colors, fonts etc.; as a rule, one minor detail can spoil people’s perception. Which is why a good design keeps people’s engagement in your products.

Bottom Line

A good design helps business to grow. If nowadays marketing is a battlefield, a good design helps you to win this cruel marketing war. Winning your customers using a good design seems to be a right thing to do.