Question: Can your product survive without a brilliant marketing solution?
Answer: Theoretically – yes. Practically – hardly.
Marketing was invented in order for people to promote and endorse their products so that they could gain a higher income. Brilliant marketing was designed in order for manufacturers to win the market and surpass their competitors. The most obvious tool that helps you to achieve this goal is an outstanding (and quite often rather expensive) advertising. However, advertising is only a temporary solution; a permanent one would be a successful packaging design. Therefore, DesignContest wants you to meet 5 examples of creative packaging designs that literally make you want to look inside the box.

Colier Champagne

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This is a stunning example of a creative packaging design that screams of luxury and power. The best thing about it is that this design doesn’t need to be introduced, for the moment you see this bottle you want to become a lucky owner of such a beautiful gem. Firstly, because it is original. Can you think of any other bottle that is hidden inside a large black egg? Secondly, because it is rare, which accents the uniqueness of Colier Champagne once again. If you’re a collector with an exquisite taste who enjoys possessing rare and incredible things, you won’t be able to resist the temptation of buying this bottle. Colier made an emphasis on the originality of their successful packaging design and didn’t miscalculate – such fresh ideas always happen to be in the center of everybody’s attention. So, the first principle of a successful packaging design, following the example of Colier, is seen in the distinction and eccentricity a new creative packaging design should breathe with.


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A Mexican hot candy confectionery shop has become very popular in the country for selling spicy sweets that are commonly sold on the country’s markets. However, the company couldn’t reach the same level of popularity abroad. At least till the time they came up with the brilliant packaging design that helps us to recognize Bermellon worldwide. The secret of their success was hidden in the ombre effects used for their fresh and spicy packaging design. All the colors of a rainbow get associated with unusual tastes of Bermellon’s candies. Thus, here is another truth in the successful packaging design you should think of: colors matter. A lot. Due to a range of colors that totally match you can provide an appealing influence on your target audience. These colors will do the job for you, luring people to buy your products.

Chocolates with attitude

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Who are you today? An entertainer, an adventurer or a party animal? Chocolates with attitude, or, more likely, their creative packaging designs, enable you to choose a cookie that can reflect your mood today or your character in general. This multi-colored packaging design is genius in one important feature: it builds strong connections between a customer and a product, referring to customer’s personal associations. Which brings us to the third step of your product’s future successful packaging design – make it personal and your customers will become as loyal to your brand as they can.

Pizza Hut

packaging design designcontest advertising pizza hut

A box design should be a mystery somehow. Is that a pizza box or a projector? Is that a pizza box or a comics book? Where can I watch the rest of the comics? Where can I buy it?
These are 4 questions that float in your mind faster that a lightning as soon as you see a new creative packaging design from Pizza Hut. These questions are logical and express how successful this packaging design is, for it combines two great things. Firstly, those comics you see on the pizza box design. Even if you’re not a big fan of Spiderman or Captain America, you will still be intrigued. Sometimes it’s possible to watch those pictures for hours, for every new glance opens a new unexpected detail and amazes you. Secondly, the main zest of this successful packaging design, a projector in a pizza box design, makes you surprised for sure. You will want to buy it at least once to check out all the fun. This is that very box design that sells. Then, comics will inveigle you and you will come again and again. This is the fourth truth about creative packaging designs you need to remember: surprise your customers all the time. The better and daring your surprise is, the more chances you have your client will come to you again. And again.


packaging design designcontest t2

This creative packaging design is like a Russian nesting doll (or matryoshka, as they call it). One great packaging design consists of another successful packaging design. Everything is inside the box. T2 is a tea company that decided to entertain its customers and managed to do it in a marvelous way. Little boxes of tea designed in both smart and bright ways are packed into a larger box design. You can toss these boxes as much as you want so that first you see a cute fascinating toy in this creative packaging design. Which is why you buy it. So, last but not least, the fifth rule of a successful packaging design – make it entertaining and you wouldn’t regret.
What are your own rules of a creative packaging design? Share your thoughts with DesignContest!