Freelance reality is much rougher than anyone can think. In the conditions of big competition on the market, being an awesome Designer/Photograph/Copywriter is not enough. Apart from having a kick-ass portfolio and an ability to sell oneself, one has to learn how to work with different types of clients.

We came up with a list of 5 types of clients relying on our experience, so read attentively!

#1 Parsimonious

Signature feature: wants to get the most out of you or pay as little as possible

Working with a client that squeezes you out like a lemon is a tough task, you need to compromise a lot and overlook their bad decisions.

Sometimes you will work with clients that do not care about your skills and education; they just need job done fast and super cheap. And other times would be working for clients that know you’re an awesome professional, but would still want to huckster over a price.

What to do if you’re stuck with the first one? Well, it’s better to decline their offer and drift away. Especially if you are not short on money.

The second case does not require such drastic measures. You can always say that there is nothing to argue about and price is set. However, sometimes their team and project are so great that you would not mind adding it to your portfolio. Even for a lower price.

How to work out this situation? Offer them a bonus, some slight extra that would not take away a lot of your time. This will satisfy them and make you an okay-choice for next projects.

#2 Controlling

Signature feature: always keeps you in check, values good quality and met deadlines.

So you were lazy and thought that it would be okay to miss the deadline? No, that’s not the way to work with such clients. They know what they pay for and do not accept careless work. They will check every mark, photo, icon etc. Moreover, they would want some guarantees. What could that be?

1. Agreement:

Agreement is a good thing for freelancers, too. You should always have one prepared. Your client would want to read and re-read the document in order to find some inaccuracies and make you correct them. Plus, they will totally check whether you have included all terms and conditions, which were discussed previously. Keep in mind that they will also require a delivery-acceptance act when all work is done.

2. Flexible payment scheme:

Supposedly, you won’t start working on a project before receiving payment in full. But this peculiar client would like to compromise and make two payments, 50% in advance and 50% after receiving the work, or maybe even make it 20/80. That way client would secure his money from an irresponsible freelancer.

If the project is not that good and client starts to get on your nerves, it’s time to think whether you really need that job.

#3 Understanding

Signature feature:  client of your dreams

Such clients know what they want and how it should be done. They have chosen you not only because of the reasonable price, but also because of your style and professionalism.

Working with them is usually pleasing and sometimes even inspiring. Knowing that clients trust you and fully rely on your skills makes you put twice as much effort into your work.

Try to meet their expectations and you will end up with most devoted and trustful clients.

#4 “I don’t know what I want”

Signature feature: it’s genuinely difficult to understand how such clients have stumbled upon your website, what they think about your portfolio and why they need a designer.

Working with them is a living hell. The usual answer to “What would you like?” is “I want a logo, business card, website etc. that would perfectly represent my brand”. Yet, we all know how that “perfectly” hides lots and lots of troubles and pitfalls.

They won’t like your portfolio, they don’t care about your skill, the only reason they are here is your reputation and “my friend recommended you”. You will want to start smoking, drinking and crying because there is no way to understand what such clients want from you.

How to deal with it? Don’t waste your time and nerves. Simply refuse to work for them and more on. Trust me, money are not worth the trouble.

#5 Trendy

Signature feature: Trends! Trends! And more trends! Isn’t it outdated?

They would do anything and everything to receive a trendy project, including paying you an unbelievable sum of money, of course. All discussions end with “Are you sure it will be up-to-date?”.

How to work with them: Just do your job. Probably there will be less of your individual style and your vision, but the reward is worth it.

That’s it! Wish you more devoted clients and inspiration! Meet all deadlines in the New Year!