Loving what you do is probably the best gift in the world. Make sure your clients know how much you love your business and appreciate their existence in your life. Take a look at the lovely logo designs with hearts that carry love and respect inside. These logos were created on DesignContest, so can be with your own future logo design.

1. LoveInc

With all that love in the air, using hearts on a logo design cannot become a big surprise for people. However, there are different ways a heart can be displayed on a logo, and DesignContest seems to know them all. In the case of a logo design provided for LoveInc, the doodles get the shape of a heart which looks quite playful and yet aesthetic.

love heart logo design

2. TrueLove Photography

In the case your business includes “love” in its name, expect it to be loved by each and every one. If you believe in love at the first sight, a cool logo design is what you need to attract attention and make people fall in love with your brand. With DesignContest, you will definitely succeed. The graphic designers on our platform know how to make their design entries refined and smooth. You just need to give them a chance to make your logo design as inspiring as it was made for TrueLove Photography. Every detail was taken into account, including a tiny heart that can be mixed with a small dot.

love photography logo design inspiration

3. Love For Humanity

Love has different faces. Perhaps, the most touching one is the face of the love for humanity. We are always taught that we need to be patient and tolerant but are we really? The logo design for the company called Love For Humanity was created to show us how wrong we are. And how it could be improved. A vague carelessness makes this logo even more charming.

love logo design inspiration

4. Pasta & Love

There is no such person who doesn’t like delicious food. That is why a logo design created for the food industry should look tasty and beautiful so that people will want to try it out. Such logos as the one for Pasta&Love designed on DC are no exception. This very logo looks special though it doesn’t have many supporting elements. Nevertheless, it has both the soul and the special zest. And, of course, a hand-drawn heart that makes the picture even more perfect.

logo design love inspiration

5. Peace, Love, Taylor

Love brings people together. What is more, love brings nations together. That is why a simple symbol of a heart placed on your logo design can create the connection with your clients you are so eager to establish. Take a look at the way this connection was created for the contest called Peace, Love, Taylor by DesignContest. Simple and yet magnificent, isn’t it? If you want your own business logo design to awake the same feelings, click here.

love logo design inspiration

6. Love Yorkshire Barbecue

Once again, an example of the food logo design that cannot be left without any attention. Though this logo is black and white, it doesn’t lose its uniqueness. On the contrary, it makes this design even more special. As you see, a black and white heart can be an awesome idea, especially if you add a bit of supporting elements to it.

love logo design inspiration

7. Lovender

Looking for the best way to highlight how exclusive and refined your logo design is? Follow the example of the logo design created for Lovender. Not only has the designer used a heart as a pendant ornament, but this heart got embellished with one more heart that is hardly visible. This design is precise, minimal, and well-thought. You won’t be able to pass it by, will you?

love logo design inspiration

8. Heart & Swagger

Heart & Swagger is another satisfied client that DesignContest can be proud of. Its logo is beautiful and romantic, sometimes even nostalgic. The heart depicted in this logo is a logical continuation of the smooth font chosen to reflect the brand’s name. Soft pink and gray serve as the final chord in this very logo design.

heart logo design inspiration ideas

9. Blanket Hearts

Last but not least, the red logo design created for Blanket Hearts will not leave people indifferent. This logo is a true picture of love that is well-balanced and strong. This logo has got the same qualities which might be a real secret of its success.

heart red logo design ideas inspiration

Bottom Line

If you need your logo design to be lovely and warm, consider the heart to be its main accent. With such a beautiful symbol on the logo design, you have all the chances to conquer your clients’ hearts.