While the iPhone offers a stunning array of illustration and paint apps for both graphic designers and budding novices, it can be harder to find many similar apps for the Android mobile phone and tablet series of devices. Still, don’t lose hope! We’ve compiled a brief list of some of the different paint and sketch programs available for the popular Android platform. Enjoy!


DoodleDroid is one of the most impressive painting apps available for the Android platform. Just check out the website for it and see some of the awesome pieces of artwork users have created with DoodleDroid. There are 21 brushes, pan and zooming, opacity based on painting speed, brush dynamics and more included with this powerful ‘Droid painting app. It’s $0.99, which is certainly a steal for this sweet app!


Here is a nice YouTube video of BlueBrush in action, from Android App review. You can see some of the features of BlueBrush and get a good idea of what is offered by this graphic paint app for the Android platform.  Reviews have been mixed on BlueBrush, but it seems to at least offers something unique in its ability to allow users to connect online and network with friends using the app. There is GoogleAds that may be distracting to the user in BlueBrush, but it is a fairly solid app overall.


Oekakiroid is another simplistic drawing app for the Android platform. It’s a pretty direct paint/sketch program with the ability to change the line weight (thickness) included.

CamPainter Pro

CamPainer Pro is another top of the line paint app for the Android. Large canvas size, huge zoom ratio, export/share options, adjustable brush size, and loads of colors makes this a very versatile and powerful painting app. It’s not free ($2.99) but it’s definitely one of the better art apps for the Android platform!


PaintJoy is a pretty impressive app for the ‘Droid market. It’s also free, which is always a nice thing when it comes to better apps. There is a nice selection of 15 brushes, the option to load photos and paint over them, a Gmail and Facebook share function, and the ability to rewind your artwork and watch the steps from the beginning. It appears to be well-supported by its developer, with pretty frequent updates. I was impressed with the artwork people were able to do with PaintJoy, you can see some examples of this here.


ZebraPaint is a light kids coloring app, perfect for helping your youngster get better at his art! It’s basically a coloring app, where you can choose different pre-loaded pictures to color in, using a variety of colors.