Whether you are new or avid user of photo shop programs, there is still plenty of features to fiddle around with that can help you familiarize yourself with the things that Photoshop has to offer and the cool techniques you can build your designing skills with. Below are a few sites that offer a wide range of Photoshop techniques for novices and sophisticated users alike.

Photoshop Lady

This website offers numerous photo shop tips, ranging from general to specific guides. Some examples include “adding colorful bubble effects to your image,” “creating a transparent effect,” “applying a realistic fire effect,” and regular photo manipulation. Although this website pulls information from a various websites, its layout is very clear and concise. With colorful icons and catchy subject headers, viewers will find this site immensely helpful simply because a wealth of information is easily accessible and conveniently located all in one place.  To make site navigation even better, a side subject with links to popular photo shop guide topics is also made available.


Although the layout of this site may not appear as neat and orderly as Photoshop Lady, it still hosts a plethora of information and tips on photo shop. Informative guides are uploaded with clear headers, and many of the guides features photo shop tips that even the more advanced photo shop users may have not even attempted yet. However, this is not site that would steer Photoshop beginners away. Most of the guides show clear, step by step instructions with image snapshots of the Photoshop programs being used so even the most novice of users can easily figure their way around. This site also features popular subject navigation on the top of the homepage, so users can immediately be directed to the photo shop guide of their preference.


This is probably the most detailed and yet neatest Photoshop tutorial websites out there. With tips and guides uploaded on a frequent basis, this site provides up to date and classic information for amateurs and advanced users alike. With extra large font headers and clear sample images of the work being featured upfront. Viewers can easily scroll down and find the latest postings without having filter through several entries. What is also great about this website is that not only offers guides on photo shop projects, but it also offers handy tips on other graphic design projects such as  creating business cards, poster printing,  and even interviews with popular graphic artists and designers.