Typical morning trivia of a freelancer: bed hair and PJs, sipping on the second mug of steaming coffee while checking emails. The only question hanging in the air is “Do I start working now or should I re-watch the last episode of Game of Thrones again?”
Forcing yourself to work is the everyday challenge of a freelancer. You start by checking news on Facebook, and then proceed to your twitter feed, finishing with  looking at motivating Instagram pics. Who knows, maybe you will actually work after trying to do so for couple of hours?
In my personal opinion, waiting around for motivation is a bad idea. Instead, you’d better take a thorny way of disciplining yourself.
If you always seek motivation to finish off a task, it means that you associate your work with some kind of special mood, which is just another form of procrastination. If you keep lazing around, waiting for “the right moment”, you are doomed. Now, it’s time to meet your personal vicious cycle of procrastination:
Sounds familiar, right? That’s just all of us every other day of the week.
Even though working gets so much easier when you separate it from your emotional state and plan the whole process beforehand. You will be surprised to see that it’d improve the quality of your work and shorten the amount of time you spend on it.

Let us prove to you why it’d be best to part with motivation and welcome personal discipline:
Motivation is momentary
Life rarely manages to enthuse us into dealing with mundane tasks, and instead of dealing with it, we keep waiting for inspiration while scrolling through our motivational Instagram feed. We keep overthinking about reasons to work on a task over and over again, trying to reason with ourselves.
Then there is a moment of epiphany and work mode comes naturally, but just for a couple of hours.
when Discipline is consistent
Discipline presupposes that a person has a particular schedule of things that should be done and sticks to it. It’s not as fun as watching puppies on YouTube to “motivate” yourself, but this way you will see results.

There are a few useful tips oт how to become more disciplined:
1. Stop making excuses
You need to seriously stop telling yourself why working is not the main priority today and you will catch up later. Later is when exactly? Excuses do not work. Ever. Stop it.
2. Make up a routine and stick with it
Don’t give laziness any opportunities. Do not give procrastination a chance to get a hold of you.
Plan your days, weeks, up to months and years. That way you don’t have to decide what to do every day, just stick to the schedule.
3. Think it through
Do you really want to achieve the result? Do you really need those killer design skills? Do you really want to know how to slay Adobe Illustrator? Do you really want your annual income to reach 100K? If you want it bad enough, it’s totally worth trying and to put lots of effort into it.
4. Keep going
There will be bad days – when you will want to stay in bed and chill with a book. However, do not let yourself go. It’s okay to relax once in a while, but do not turn it into habit.