In one of our previous posts we took a preliminary look at some of the day-to-day places in which one can find incredible design fuel. We took a look at our other post, and after giving it some thought, we feel we just haven’t bitten deep enough into the meat that lies there. So with that in mind, if you’re still hungry for some more unusual places in which to find graphic arts inspiration, we plan to cover your bases. With that in mind, we’d like to jump right in with:

  1. Explore the Foreign Markets: In another one of our gigs, we work as an off-and-on app reviewer. Last week we happened to take a look at a Korean travel application. One of the joys of this adventure turned out to be analyzing the banner adverts included in the app. The point we’re making here, is that foreign packaging and marketing can be a real source of design inspiration. Without the textual cues to work off of, you’re stuck interpreting the visual media. This can give you a real heavy viewpoint on your own work, calling you to reevaluate the effectiveness of your photos, as well as your illustrations. See what works, and imagine you don’t speak your primary language at all. Is the message still sinking through?
  2. Buildings Can Build: In our last post we explained how certain parts of everyday city life can really get your artistry engines going. On a similar note, architecture is also a fantastic way to fill your design juices to the top. There’s really quite a lot of overlap between the two fields, and learning to appreciate good architecture can carry you a lot of the way toward appreciating good design. Study the ebb and flow of the buildings that surround you on a daily basis. What’s working about the design, and what just isn’t? Do you see any unusual color schemes? Take note of what’s engaging and enlivening about the buildings around you, instead of treating them like furniture for giants.
  3. Feel the Beat: And lastly, music can be a tremendous source of design inspiration for just about every artist we know. Everything from album art to the sounds themselves can rev your engines, and at the least, you may find you work more efficiently with a few stress-relieving tunes on the player.