Here at Design Contest, we’re always looking for ways to improve things for Designers and Contest Holders – thinking about new features you’d like to see. During a brainstorming session – like a lightbulb turning on – ting…we realised where we were going wrong: It isn’t always what you want to see, it’s sometimes what you don’t want to see, that counts for the Design Contest community. So we are proud to present our newest available upgrade for any contest: Blind Contests.

What is a Blind Contest?

Blind Contests mean that the only person who can see your entries (apart from you) is the Contest Holder and the moderators.

I’m a Designer – What does this mean for me?

Often Designers get discouraged to submit their best work because they don’t want to have elements of their design imitated. However, in a blind contest, your designs can’t be copied, so you can relax when you are submitting entries.

Please note: It will be added to the rules for commenting that Designers cannot ask Contest Holders for blind contests.

I’m a Contest Holders – What does this mean for me?

The most appealing feature about Blind Contests is that you’ll get lots more originality in the designs submitted. As the Designers cannot gain any inspiration from each other’s designs, it increases the diversity you’ll receive in your contest.

Just like a hidden contest, this will mean that no one can see any of the entries but you (and the moderators) throughout the duration of the contest. If an Internet surfer comes across Design Contest, they will not be able to look at your contest.

How do I start a blind contest?

To select the blind feature, you need to first start a contest. Once your contest is live, you can ‘Upgrade Your Contest’ by ticking ‘Blind Contest’ and pressing ‘Proceed’.

Other features include Hidden contests, Featured contests and Highlighted contests. For more information on starting a contest, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.