In the same realm as the much sought-after gig poster falls the slightly less discussed night club flyer. These are eye-candy specific designs engineered with one clear purpose: To draw as many party goers as possible to that hip night club that desires real traction. If you live and work in a more metropolitan area, you’re likely inundated with these sorts of design projects. Nightclubs are becoming more and more popular as time wears on, and with an increased presence in the popular culture, we have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of this style of work as time continues. With that in mind, we’ve prepared this quick guide to creating an absolutely killer night club flyer.

This is by no means the end-all-be-all, but if you’re floundering in high water, it will certainly help you along. Starting with:

  1. Pick the Right Colors: Night clubs aren’t stale or Web 2.0 locations. This means you should avoid the sort of color schemes and textures that we as designers typically like to use. Don’t spring for a matte green, but instead a neon lime. Avoid anything light like the plague, instead shooting for vivacious hues and items that are guaranteed to catch the eye with a simple glance. If you’re familiar with the actual venue, consider what colors are already in place. If at all possible, integrate the real world palette with your design, reinforcing the location’s identity in the consumer’s mind.
  2. Pick the Right Photos: If you’re going to use a photo in your design—a practice we tend to encourage—be sure to select an image that correctly illustrates the feel of the evening the party goer will have. Will there be dancing, live music, or even some deejaying? If so, try to use images that highlight the experience, as this is really what you’re selling to the consumer. Just like color choices, you’ll want to accurately nail the tone of the location, and if at all possible, research the venue before designing.
  3. Highlight the Hierarchy: Within your design, be sure to emphasize the performers first, if there are any. Names are catchy, especially if they’re well known. With that in mind, place all bands and performances ahead of sponsors, though don’t forget to include these. The bankrollers of the evening will want their names kicked around, and you’ll find yourself in hot water if you leave them off the page.