To be perfectly frank, there are not so many reasons to do so. The logo is a thing your company is recognized by and associated with, but not the reason of the high or low sales. And if you don’t get recognized enough you don’t get enough profit, or whatever you’re after. You might say: “I could just promote my existing logo” and right you would be. But how much profit will it give? If your existing logo already does not drag attention. Of course there is a giant like Coca-Cola who sticks to one logo throughout the years, but hey, would you stop buying it if they modified their logo a bit? Sometimes you need to make radical adjustments in order to succeed, and we would like to give you some ideas when you might think about you logo change.

You have a bad logo. If your logo was done in a hit-or-miss fashion or it represents not what it should. And you are aware of that, I simply don’t know what’s stopping you from changing it? The customer takes for granted good logos, imagine what his opinion is on bad ones.

Your logo is outdated. If we take a look at the logos of the most successful companies that has been around for decades or more, we can see that they changed or modified their logos from time to time. It is called adjusting to the market and to the surroundings. If your logo represents 20th century you may as well leave your income there. So it is worth a shot to change your logo to stay up-to-date.

Change of business direction. Another situation in which you should consider adjustments is when you change your line of business. Whether you expand or concentrate on some specific line of business you need to inform your customer that you are out there. And a new logo supported with a marketing campaign would be a great start.

Notorious logo or a brand name. Even though scandal can attract positive attention to your brand, in most cases it will make much more harm than good. If you don’t want to be remembered and recognized as that company that became notorious for something, you might alter your name and logo as well. Fresh start is better than ill fame.

Sometimes logo just needs changing. Even if you are doing pretty well and your business is recognizable, logo modification or change followed by a strong marketing campaign can award a serious boost. It needs a thorough strategic plan. It has to be done considering the thoughts of your clients. And the timing must be excellent. You don’t need any changes when your sales are on top.

Now take a look at your logo. Do you see any of the symptoms mentioned above?

If yes, welcome, DesignContest is always ready to help.