2018 opens the whole galaxy of design ideas. They are deep, rich, and extreme, capable of mesmerizing anyone. The possibilities 2018 gives us in design are infinite. No wonder that the color of the year 2018 chosen by Pantone is as cosmic and powerful as those design trends followed by it. Ultra-intense, ultra-luxurious, ultra-charming: 2018 promises everything to be with the prefix “ultra”, starting with the color of the year, ultra violet.

Discover the Design Galaxy

The color ultra violet opens the whole design galaxy filled with longing opportunities and imaginative design solutions. It mesmerizes as much as the mystery hidden in the cosmos. Being so close with the universe, no wonder that ultra violet designs are universal and can be faced in any kind of business.

Violet shades have always been associated with royalty, wisdom, and aristocracy since the ancient times. From Richard II to Catherine the Great, this color has spread to each and every royal house of Europe. Beloved by Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Vincent van Gogh, it appears in most of the world’s masterpieces. That is what makes ultra violet so important and worth being the color of the year in 2018.

Ultra Violet Logo Design

As far as the color violet is associated with cosmos, it transfers all its infinite energy to designs. That’s why ultra violet logos contain boundless irresistible energy that makes those designs stand out in the crowd. If you do decide to follow the latest design trend and use the color ultra violet for your logo, be ready to face your brand’s unbelievable transformation.

Strangely enough, ultra violet turned out to be a universal color for any company, no matter what it is dealing with. That’s why the ultra violet logo designs created on DesignContest deserve to be admired. Our platform proves that this color suits beauty salons as much as real estate businesses.

Ultra Violet Website And Mobile App Design

Let’s go through the website to-do list for the next year. In the upcoming 2018, your website should be:

*Clean and precise

*Interactive and gripping, concealing a story inside

*The speed loading should be very fast (so, you’d probably want to take the lazy loading into account)

*Contain some bright spots (which is why the color ultra violet will come in handy).

Ultra violet will make your website deeper and more engaging. People will spend more time browsing it, increasing your transactions. If the color of 2017, Greenery, was calm and soothing, the color of 2018 contains a loud call to actions that should be used for a website design. So, admire the following web design concept provided by Tatiana Smirnova and get ready to redesign your own website in ultra violet shades.

Photography in Violet Shades

The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today. – Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

You will hardly find a better explanation of why the year 2018 will be filled with ultra violet shades. Photography will be no exception, for it should always reflect hidden perks of what’s around us, showing things that are deeper and much more needed than we all used to think. In this case, ultra violet and photography are a perfect match.

Take a look at this gripping photo session by Kirill Buryak for 7Hues Magazine and you’ll see this intimate connection on your own.


For marketing and advertising, the color ultra violet will express both determination and tenderness, strength and patience, inspiration and long for new achievements. 2018 promises to be highly prosperous and beneficial for marketing just because the color of the year gives lots of space to be creative. In order to get inspired, take a look at the Nike advertising concept. It proves once again that bright advertisements can be created by means of bright colors.


A gorgeous visual presentation design can help you much more than hours of persuasive talks. People tend to trust those facts they see with their own eyes. That’s when the color ultra violet with its clear call to actions can be much more influential. Such prese

ultra violet presentation design

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