Startup businesses have spread their popularity due to being highly profitable and extremely beneficial. They have become sort of a trend that is getting more and more viral. Developing a startup and investing money into it means thinking about your own future. If your startup turns to be half as successful as you want it to be, you can consider yourself to be already a winner. Most startup projects fail within their first 5 years after being launched; those that survived become beneficial for sure.

One of the best ways to succeed in a startup guidance is to think about a marketing strategy the startup is going to follow. This strategy includes lots of vital elements like the product’s placement, the client’s satisfaction and the reaction to the product and the product’s advertising. The advertising campaign consists of dozens of phenomena aimed at assisting your startup project in getting promoted and endorsed. The initial element of the advertising campaign would be a startup’s logo: the notion that is going to make a startup recognizable and desired. Its depiction must be well thought, for it should be presented everywhere you want people to know about your startup. Therefore, we want to show you some do’s and don’ts you may face during the process of designing a logo for your startup.

3 Things You Should Do

startup logo design

Step 1. Think of who is going to create a logo

A person who is going to turn your dreams into a real life: who is it going to be? You, on your own, a design studio or a freelance designer? You need to weigh all pros and cons in order to find a golden mean. If you are sure in the fact that you’re capable of creating a professional logo, do it. If you have at least a hint of doubts – don’t. A startup business logo is far more difficult to create because the final design needs to impress people with its novelty as much as the startup itself. If you’re still hesitating, not knowing who you can turn to, try out a crowdsourcing platforms. This way, you’ll get dozens of creative samples at a reasonable price: you pay only for the winning design and only the precise amount of money you were going to initially. Not more, not less.

Step 2. Create a brief

Think, brainstorm, check, and then think again. In the process of a logo creation, every single idea will come in handy and may even save the day afterward. When you already know precisely what you want, include it into your creative brief. Remember a simple and inevitable rule that refers to a successful communication between a designer and a client: the clearer your brief is, the better your design will be at the end.

Step 3. Test!

A crucial component of a startup launch is a startup’s MVP. It’s created in order to understand whether the startup may actually work, as well as to see people’s reaction to the startup product. The same principle has to be followed by a startup’s logo. You should conduct lots of careful researches that will help you realize how well your new startup’s logo will be perceived by your future clients.

Things You Should Never Do

Step 1. Copycat

Under no circumstances, never ever should you copycat a logo. It doesn’t matter how much you like it or how well it could fit into your startup’s concept: it will be wrong for sure. A startup is about inventing something new and breathtaking: its logo is about doing the same. If you came across a logo you fell in love with but that is already used by another company, you may still benefit from it. Just use it for your inspiration and your own logo will certainly look far better.

Step 2. Strictly Following Trends

Knowing that minimalism is in trend doesn’t mean you should follow it and use it for your new logo. If your friend told you vintage was quite fashionable those days, don’t dive into the idea of a vintage logo immediately. Trends and fashion are the last things you need to care about. Make the logo look awesome and it will be trendy for sure. Make the logo look trendy and it might hardly turn into being awesome.

Step 3. Not listening to any advice

Sometimes, people can be extremely stubborn, especially when it comes to a logo creation. You may think you know much more about your startup’s needs than your web designer. But still, a designer may have some really great ideas due to the professional experience. It will be a real failure if you don’t pay attention completely to what you’re advised to do.

Bottom Line

If you’re thinking about launching your own startup, we can only congratulate you on this wonderful idea. We know that you’ll do your best to succeed. With a careful research and preparation, we know that you’ll manage to bring your startup business to the next level. DesignContest Team will do our best to help you in this noble mission. Turn to us if you need any advice: we have an amazing experience in helping startup companies grow in terms of a successful and profitable design.