Why Drupal is Better than WordPressIf you’ve been paying attention to the business much then you’re likely aware of the number of content management systems currently floating around the market. There are more options than one can shake a stick at, but really when it all boils down, most graphic designers tend to pick either Drupal or WordPress to manage their data. However, which is really the best option for your needs? To be honest, this largely depends on your personal preferences. Still, though, there are market benefits to using Drupal over WordPress, the majority of which we’ll be detailing now!

  1. Administration is Simpler:  It’s worth mentioning that the power struggle within WordPress is vastly different than the one in Drupal. You see, WordPress was built from the ground up to be nothing more than a blogging utility. One user per page, and even then the page was intended to be just a blog-style offering. On the other hand, Drupal is a full-fledged content management system. This means the software has been optimized for multiple users, and that the permissions architecture is vastly more user-friendly than the clunky mess WordPress is running. Things have been improving in this regard with the latest round of WordPress updates, but between you, us and the walls, WP still has a long way to go before it laps Drupal.
  2. Drupal Comes With Limitless Solutions: Another notch in Drupal’s favor is the fact that it comes with a nearly limitless number of solutions to any given problem. The vast, open-ended nature of the software makes it like a rubbery solid, allowing it to extend and expand in every which direction to invent new plug-ins, code modifications, etc. On the other hand, WordPress is a much more rigid affair. This can be a boon if you’re looking for a rapid solution to a problem, but it can also seriously gum up the works if you’re looking to do something drastic within the code.
  3. Drupal is More Secure: Want another reason to use Drupal? Here ya go! The theme system in WordPress is a gigantic security hole (look it up if you’re in the mood for details) while the more concrete and open-ended design of a Drupal is airtight. In other words, Drupal is safer from a coding perspective.