This designer was among January most active winners. He is kind and polite. Meet our great logo designer from Romania.


What makes you happy being a designer?

It is something incredible for me to be a designer. Some time ago I was not thinking about that and didn’t realize that. It has started as a game until I succeeded for the first time and that changed everything.

Have you studied design somewhere?

No. Unfortunately in my country logo design is not very popular, there are very few schools or courses where you can learn it and they are far from my place of living. But that did not stop me doing what I like. Indeed I wanted to have someone to guide me. Clear idea and hard work can get you where you want.

What was the most weird design brief you’ve ever got?

I can not give a specific example of a brief presented. I think 40% of the final design depend on the personality of the client. Detailed brief can reveal some character features of the person you work with. Understanding the client can help you with creating a design he would definitely like. Even if it is weird.

Most of your designs are logos. Have you ever thought of designing websites or something else?

Yes! I have been working on my first website design for a while, but it takes time to understand everything and improve myself in this field. Besides, I still have logo design as my main activity which I don’t want to quit. Each design category demands a certain interaction with a customer and you learn something new all the time (smiling).

Is there a specific company you want to design a logo for?

Each winning design brings me satisfaction. I can create logo for any company. I think most of designers want to create a logo for such big brands like Facebook, Youtube or Whatsapp. For me the level of satisfaction remains the same regardless of the popularity and turnover of the company I work for (smiling).

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Do you often work at night?

I work at night only if I receive some feedback from the customer asking for some urgent changes. But usually I rest at night. Morning is more inspirational for me. And it is easier for me to be active during the day because it doesn’t affect my personal life.

Describe your workplace

My job is at home. I am often working out of the house…  clean air and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I live in a very quiet little village in Romania and I guess it is a big advantage for me.

Do you have some creative artists or designers who are idols for you?

DesignContest taught me to be a logo designer. I can not say I have an idol but there are several designers who helped me and I appreciated it. DC designer Hollander is among of them. He creates really great logos. And another person  who taught me the basics is Codin, the founder of

Freelance or office work?

Freelancer without any hesitation! I have a schedule that I set, I can take a vacation when I want (smiling).

Do you have some logo design trends you hate?

Umm, it is not a trend actually. I don’t like when it is stated in the brief that “logo must be unique and reflect the spirit of the company” and you are trying to create something really unique but as a result the client picks something ordinary and overused.

What would you say to DesignContest newbies?

DesignContest is the best freelancing website in my opinion. You always have a profit here. Even if you don’t win the prize you receive a lot of experience and boost your chances to win in your next contest.

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