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Redesign, Yes or No | Before and After Case Study

Redesign, Yes or No | Before and After Case Study

Main goal of redesign is elimination of barriers that negatively affect the communication with your customers. Out-of-date logo, unattractive website design, boring stationery, business card or presentation design, hard reading banner etc. This article will show you some good redesign examples that took place on DesignContest website.

How to redesign successfully

Before redesigning you should carefully think about your expectations  and reasons to do it. You should understand that redesigning equals a new fresh look and opens a new page in your company history.

Plan  your next steps toward rebranding by taking into account these  5 tips:

– How much are you ready to spend? Analyze your budget and try to foresee extra costs. It’s vital if you are not going to turn redesign campaign in a bottomless money pit.

– Make a detailed draft of approaches and priorities. All you efforts must be pushed according to the goals set. It also prevents additional expenses.

– Engage customers in your redesign campaign. Ask them about changes wanted, providing feedback and leaving reviews. Such cooperation increases customer loyalty and develops an emotional connection with your brand.

– Use public relations and social networks. Keep customers aware of the branding process. Prepare them for future changes. It makes  perception of new brand identity easier. For instance, when decision on redesigning DesignContest website was taken, we started posting on FB page about coming changes and discussing it with the followers 3 weeks before the major update.

– Take design development responsibly. Design usually receives attention and critiques from customers, just because it’s external part of you rebranding. If you are going to renew logo, you should remember that it must present your corporate style and culture. It shouldn’t be super trendy, because the logo is not what should be changed every half a year.

See some successful examples of redesign contests our clients run on our website and got new clean and fresh designs as a result.

Logo redesign examples

logo-redesign logo-redesign logo-redesign logo-redesign logo-redesign logo-redesign logo-redesign logo-redesign logo-redesign logo-redesign logo-redesign

Start logo design contest

Website redesign examples




Midwest rodeo









Start website design contest


Business card redesign example


Start business card design contest

Posted on February 9, 2016

Category: Redesign, Tips

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