When it comes to fonts, we all have the fonts we use often, whether because we’ve paid for the rights or simply have them sticking about, and we don’t tend to stray too far from the font tree. However, we know we aught to, and as such, we’ve compiled a quick below that will educate both you and us here at the blog: If you’re looking for inventive ways to explore new fonts or font ideas, then check out our hot tips below. It isn’t full-proof, but if you’re looking for pointers, there’s no better place to start!

  1. Look at Magazine Adverts: First and foremost, if you’re feeling a bit behind the times where your font choices are concerned, we highly suggest you take the time to do some research into what’s popular and in demand. The best way to get a feel for this immediately is to open a magazine and start looking at the adverts. Better yet, get several magazines you don’t particularly enjoy, but of different styles, and see how the fonts change. What genre of fonts are used where, and to what effect? What fonts work, in your opinion, and how can they fit into your own designs? Take the time to find some inspiration, and we promise the rest will work itself out.
  2. Go Looking: There are plenty of free font sites floating around on the Internet. In fact, there are quite a few more than we will ever have a need for or use. Still, that means you have no excuse not to go looking! We spend at least an hour a week trolling through sites like Font Squirrel, downloading to our hearts content. Keep a drawer of all your fonts, that way they’re organized and available when you want them.
  3. Ask Other Designers: The best option of all is to simply ask another designer what cool fonts they’ve found recently. Obviously, you’ll only want to do this with a designer that’s comfortable talking with you about their trade secrets. But, if you can nurture this kind of relationship, you’ll really get an inside look into what other professionals are doing and using, and for that, we cannot stress your growth enough.