In our last few articles we’ve taken a dive into the part of owning a design studio that none of us really like to touch with a ten foot pole. We’re talking about the actual process of running and sustaining a design business. Who needs it, right? Sadly, all of us do. This is about one of the most important moments in any business’ lifetime: Adding a new client to the roster through a meet-up. Whether in a coffee shop or your office, here are some pointers on how you should best conduct a business meet-up, so it makes a great impression and secures future business.

  1. Give Out Your Your Card: If you don’t already have a business card on-hand to supply the individual with, you’re looking down the barrel of a gun. Sure, they already have your contact information—after all, they did get in touch with you to set-up the meeting. However, if you have a sophisticated business card to hand , you’ll not only make a great first impression but also guarantee they have an immediate way to reach you. Such ease of communication is crucial in business and if your card looks incredible, then you have already made an impact as a designer.
  2. Buy Them a Drink: If you’re the one who is supplying services, you should very likely buy the client a drink (if you’re meeting at a coffee shop). When they walk in the door, simply say hello, ask how they are, and then ask if you can get them anything from the register. If they’d like a coffee, go with them and pay for it. It’s a $4 latte, and it makes an incredible first impression.
  3. Listen More than You Talk: Depending on the client, this shouldn’t actually be hard. Most people will want to talk at length about whatever situation they’re in, especially if they know you can help. As such, just remember to listen a whole lot more than you give out. This is a sure-fire way to create a good impression. Furthermore, it also ensures that you know what the client wants and is looking for.