Here comes another working week.

Today you have snoozed you alarm several times before slowly crawling out of bed, taking a morning shower and pumping your body with a portion of vitally needed caffeine. Then you went to work to slowly turn on your computer, pour another cup of coffee and constantly check new facebook messages for 8 hours straight. However, tasks keep piling up on your desk, deadlines get deadlier and your boss – angrier. How do you stop this procrastination whirl?

Follow our simple tips to become an efficient employee you once were:

1.Write down your to-do list:

When you write everything you need to do on the paper, turns out there are fewer tasks than you have imagined. So begin your day/week/month with summarizing your workload.

2.Difficult tasks come first:

Prioritize your assignments. At first, deal with the most difficult or important tasks and then proceed with other less-urgent.

3.Create a timeline with strict deadlines:

Set an approximate amount of time and create a schedule for your working week. Follow it diligently and see how you’ll do. Remember to leave some time for a break.

4.Put away all possible distractions:

Your phone, facebook page, favorite blogs – take all of it away from your table, desktop, browser bookmarks etc. Those things take your attention away from work. You should try staying focused as much as possible.

5.Try Pomodoro technique:

Basically, Pomodoro is about breaking your working time into short work/break sessions. You work for 25 minutes and take a short break afterward. When you go through 4 sessions, you may take a longer break from work (25-30 minutes). This technique is based on the idea that frequent breaks can improve your mental performance.

6.Do not multitask:

Despite the popular opinion, multitasking is not effective. Actually, you constantly interrupt your thoughts by distracting to another task. You have organized your workflow, so go with it.

7.Motivate yourself:

It’s always the question of motivation. Sometimes you have worked at a certain place for such a long time that pay raise or promotions do not matter anymore. But what matters is YOU! Do you want to be known as that lazy ass, who never meets any deadline? No! You want to be a high-qualified worker. Treat each task a new challenge – face it and complete it!

8.Don’t try to perfect every single task:

High chances are that you will not be able to foresee every single detail. Like it or not – you will have to redo something eventually. It’s inevitable. In addition, your vision of “complete” may differ from your boss’s.

9.Take breaks:

Taking a short break is essential for your health and efficiency. Put a break on your to-do list or daily calendar. You’ll most likely take a break if you schedule it in advance.

10.Plan for tomorrow:

Plan the whole day, starting from the working process to short water breaks. Organize your time and workspace so that nothing will be able to set you off track.Always remember you goals and what you want to archive!

Set down your cup of coffee and make your life meaningful!