We’re going to go out on a limb now  to talk about a form of design that we know is popular, but is hardly ever discussed. You guessed it, we’re talking about t-shirt design. No matter if you’re doing it for a little extra cash, or even because a client requires your creative services, the field of creating stellar graphics for apparel is a rewarding experience. That being said, it can also be a traction-less wasteland, if you aren’t socializing properly. With that in mind, we’ve whipped up the following thoughts on how to better sell and evangelize your work to the masses: All with a t-shirt emphasis, of course.

  1. Hit the Networks: The first step you’ll want to take is one we feel should be obvious by now. You have at your disposal an entire horde of photo-based social networking locations, all of which are just begging to critique and discuss your t-shirt designs. With that at the forefront, bombard your personal, work, and other social networking pages with your artwork. Hit up Tumblr, especially, as the platform is a brilliant way to have your images circulated. After that, be sure to tweet your media, as well as posting it to Facebook. We know trolling for traction at these places can feel like a real chore, but if you aren’t doing it, you aren’t doing your all.
  2. Start from the Top: Another great way to market your t-shirt is to do so while the work is still in production. In other words, use the aforementioned social avenues to post sketches, prototypes or even just color options while the shirt is still far-off from completion. Hype is the keyword here, and without it, you aren’t likely to be moving any cotton.
  3. Internet Presence: Aside from having a barebones social networking marketing push, we also encourage you to have your own dedicated web space. Use that personal website to illustrate the t-shirt design overtime, highlighting things such as inspiration, execution, etc. Draw your audience in with a story, that way they’re focused on the final product with an appreciative eye. With a website, you have a real chance to establish a personal presence, and when done correctly, it may not even be necessary to spend money on expensive adverts.