In a previous post, we talked a little about how much most of us avoid networking. The act of physically advertising our skills, talents, and services doesn’t come naturally (Even with our Creative Egos!) and yet there’s no other way to gain business than through networking techniques. If one is to be a financially viable freelancer, one must pound their product—that is their designs—into the masses. But when the rubber meets the road, how exactly is a bloke to do that? We mean, what does it actually take to effectively market and network your business.

We’re glad you asked, as we’ve got some rather inspired thoughts on the subject all lined up and ready to go! To earn yourself a little education, simply continue on past the break, and peep our solutions as we’ve laid them down. To network your graphic design enterprise effectively:

  1. Be Visible: Whenever possible, be absolutely sure potential clients can reach you. Taking holidays away from the world with your telephone left on the bench is fantastic, but it’s no way to increase your visibility. Wherever you can, guarantee yourself that anyone who needs to contact you can do so immediately, and where you can respond quickly. You don’t have to sell your soul, but at the least include an email, telephone number, and business address with each transaction. Give your clients ample opportunity to reach you, and they’ll do just that—and with money in hand!
  2. Bite Into WordPress: We aren’t sure this one is a fix for every designer, but a lot of our peers are starting their own design blogs (including us, as a matter of fact). Creating a blog, be it a publication dedicated solely to graphic design, or even just a personal site for your thoughts, is a great way to increase your visibility and network your services. Your readers, believe it or not, will have work that needs a solution, and if they feel a special connection to you through your writing, they’re unbelievably more likely to give you the work, rather than a stranger. Even if you have never met the individual, which though it’s a scary concept, is amply rewarding. If you can write, have the time, or even just the resources, get your own blog space and start posting.