In a previous post we talked about the new Creative Suite 6 and its improvements, as well as whether or not we felt you should upgrade to the whole Master Collection for your design work. However, we neglected to talk too much about the Creative Cloud accounts that Adobe is now pushing. They’re a pretty tidy offering, and if you’ve been trying your best to decide about them, let us give you a gentle nudge.

  1. It’s a Good Investment: Overall, you’re going to save one heck of a lot of money by using Creative Cloud. And we aren’t kidding here. And whether you are a designer, or otherwise, saving money is always a good thing! We’ve seen some reports where clever chaps with calculators have done the math. You’ll be saving money on a Creative Cloud account in comparison to a full Master Collection license for a number of years. That’s a whole lot of bargain, and all while using the same programs that you need.
  2. The Continuity is Great: Another factor that plays heavily into our liking Creative Cloud has to do with the fact that everything ties together so nicely. What we mean is this: With all of your data and storage kept on Adobe’s cloud systems, you can relay more heavily on the Net to keep track of all your data. We’re terrible about losing our sensitive data, so to us, this is a great thing. We’ve been using Kuler for years now to keep track of all our color schemes, and the Creative Cloud really just feels like an extension of that ease. So if tidiness is important to you, the Creative Cloud may just be the Holy Ark that you’ve been waiting for.
  3. It’s the Future: On another note, don’t be surprised if Adobe starts to rely more heavily on the cloud-based approach to its software. You can expect to see a whole lot more of this pricing style in the future, and we wouldn’t be surprised at all if new softwares aside from those offered by Adobe start to do similar things. The cloud—and cloud accounts—really are the future, and the sooner you’re on board, the sooner you can start enjoying the benefits.