Logo is your website’s best remarkable feature that allows it to be recognized all over the Internet. That’s why you need to pay a lot of your attention and patience to designing a logo when you first open your website. However, this is only a half of your tasks. Another half will be waiting for you in the future, when an idea of upgrading your logo will cross your mind. And it will, as far as fashion trends come and go, that’s why it’s vital for you to follow these changes.

Why upgrading a logo can be even harder than designing it?

Upgrading a logo is painful and really challenging because of several reasons. Firstly, the reaction of your website users is unpredictable. You hope that they will love your new and impressive logo but sometimes it happens in a different way: they hate the upgrade you made or it’s hard for them to get used to it. As a result, you lose your website visitors.

logo redesign

Secondly, if it was hard for you to create a logo for the first time (or to find a designer who could do it for you), it would be even twice harder to do it for the second time, as far as you will have to stick to the concept of your first logo. If you do it in a wrong way, the consequences will be the same: you will lose your website visitors.

That’s why let’s take a look on how to upgrade your website logo properly and not to lose your users at the end.

Know when the right moment comes

Having an idea of changing your website logo and immediately getting down to doing it doesn’t seem to be a right technique. In order not to fail, you need to anticipate when your clients are ready for changes and/or want these changes to happen. This can occur in several cases. On the one hand, the trends have changed radically and, therefore, you understand that your clients need to be treated by something new and fresh. On the other hand, there may be a situation when you haven’t upgraded your logo for a while and you realize your clients got bored with it. Anyway, you need to be sure that this is a right moment for making changes. The easiest way for you to be confident in it is to conduct a survey among your website visitors. The percentage of those who are “pro” and “con” will help you grasp whether your users are ready for something to change. The question doesn’t have to be direct like “Do you want us to change our logo?”. Instead, you may ask them if they love the trends that have appeared recently or if they think these trends could replace those that were before.

logo redesign right moment

Don’t step aside your website’s initial concept

Re-designing your logo means carrying out a new web design as well. Therefore, don’t change it radically if you want to make it easier for your clients to adjust. If it’s totally ok to change the typography, images and a general view of your logo. However, try not to change the color palette of your logo and your website as well. You may change some shades and their intensity but if you, for example, change orange into blue, be sure your users won’t appreciate that fact. Remember, your website already has its history and its admirers who you don’t want to fail. The color of your logo is an inevitable part of the history you need to respect. Also, note that your logo has to correspond with your website, that’s why you may want to redesign your website as well.

Find a person who will do the re-design for you

If you’re not sure whether you can do it or not, don’t even start trying. You need to be completely certain in your abilities. Otherwise, if done not carefully, the idea of re-designing your logo may fail. That’s why, if you have never done it again, discuss this idea with professionals. It doesn’t mean you should hire a design studio and pay an enormous sum of money for their services. You may want to try out design marketplaces that exist in the Internet and enable you to choose a logo concept, not a designer himself. For example, on DesignContest you may launch a competition among professional designers who will offer their visions of your website future logo to you. In this case, you get a lot of great logo concepts but pay only for the one you chose as a winner.

logo design concepts

Also, you may try out other marketplace platforms like Freelancer or Upwork. In this case, you simply hire a freelancer and start working with him on your logo re-designing.

Don’t forget about a brief

Creative brief will help you (and your graphic designer, if you decide to hire one) to understand what your real expectations are. Think of everything you want to see in your upgraded logo. Write down every single idea that occurs to you: you never know what will help for real. Also, your wishes and ideas written down will be of a great help in the actual process of logo upgrading, that’s why be serious and careful about this step.

Test it!

It’s not school test, there will be more than several options. Make sure you find out your users’ opinion on your new logo even before you launch it. If you don’t do it, your logo may crush everybody’s expectations: that’s definitely not what you want. Without this final phase, you cannot be sure that your re-designed logo will promote your website. Changing your logo is always a risk, that’s why you need to make this risk as little as possible.