Okay, everybody, it’s about time we starting talking about web design projects in an effort to pass along some of the solid advice we’ve learned. So if you’re looking to avoid a few faux pas in your next web design project, stick around! We’ve got some of our choice words lined up and ready to roll:


  • Don’t Use Tables! While creating redesigns for a few businesses, we noticed a common element in each and every outdated design: Those outdated tables. Yes, we’re talking about the big, blocky elements that designers in the 90’s would throw information into. Then, they’d line the things up on their ends, stack them in place, and call it a website. This isn’t how the Internet works in the modern age, and you’d be doing yourself a favor by ditching it cold! Use CSS and HMTL5 to create responsive and appetizing sites from the get go. Bring your client’s site up to speed, and we promise they’ll like it.
  •  Make a Fluid Design From the Start: We’ve been bad about this, very bad indeed. When creating a new site design, remember to keep the liquid nature of the site in mind from the beginning. Keep proportions and ratios on hand, that way your coder (or you, if that’s your title, too) will have an easier time creating a liquid layout.



  • For that Matter, Use Liquid Layouts! While we’re on the subject, be sure to actually use a liquid layout. No longer do we have to worry about the most common screen sizes or resolutions! Those days are completely gone, as we can now create sites that dynamically resize depending on the surface they’re using. This is hugely important for everything from mobile devices to your most basic end-user experience. So with all of that in mind, be sure that you actually intend to create a liquid layout for your site. And if you don’t, we’ll be very, very disappointed!