What a year!

2014 was truly amazing! With your support and contribution DesignContest community has created a unique environment that empowers designers to create and deliver the best products possible for our generous clients to enjoy.

DesignContest is dedicated to bringing our users the best experience possible. Here are just a few of many achievements and milestones that we are celebrating today.

 Major Design Update



Our team has been tirelessly improving our systems and processes to make DesignContest website even better. According to Google Page Speed Statisctics our site is now 3.8 times faster. Along with the fast website now we also have international sites & local supports for several European countries, Australia, Canada and New Zealand (please see the list in the footer).


Not only do our users love the new look and feel of DesignContest website, clients can now enjoy a number of new features such as additional promotional tools, payment options, currencies, private profiles and non-disclosure agreements.

With our new portfolio DesignContest designers can now manage their work & create eye-catching portfolios to showcase their creativity.

Check the full list of updates here.



Payoneer integration


DesignContest is a proud partner of Payoneer, Global Payments System. This secure and innovative cross-border payments platform allows our users to send and collect prize money all over the world in a few simple steps.

See full list of Payoneer features here.



 Live Chat Support



Our Live Chat Support became responsive; simply click on a “Live Chat” button and our professional consultant will assist you with any technical difficulty as well as general enquiry. Our Live Chat has a new screen share feature to help you communicate any technical nuances with our support team.



 Multilingual Translator



We all know that communication is a key factor in any successful design. To facilitate a better understanding between our client and our designers DesignContest implemented a cutting-edge Multilingual Translator. It can be applied to both the brief and the comments.



 DesignContest Community



We are happy to have many designers that have been members of our community for years. We highly appreciate their positive reviews and comments about DesignContest.

In 2014 we welcomed over 10,000 talented designers to our community. Some of them are already among our TOP-100 designers list and our clients hire them in one-on-one projects.



Weekly Polls



DesignContest is excited to present our users with a new fun way to explore new designers and uncover hidden talents.

Our weekly polls give users a chance to select the best design of the week as well as browse through hundred of contestants. Each weekly winner is featured on our winners wall. Join our polls in 2015 and you will not recognize our office within a year! 🙂


Social Networks Communities



We are proud to announce a significant growth of our Facebook page subscribers number. More than 215,000 followers enjoy our posts about design trends and examples, contests and news.

We launched LinkedIn company page and group, started G+ page, interesting Instagram, Pinterest and CrunchBase profiles.

More than 5300 of our Twitter followers can find interesting information about new contests, recent updates and campaigns.


2015 will be a great year! More winners! More designs! More happy customers!