Do you love the cute, black and white balls of fur from China? Pandas are one of the most recognizable animals in Asia. Their interesting black and white color scheme, along with their friendly face and supposed cute demeanor have won fans amongst humans all across the world. Rock your inner panda fanboy or fangirl out with these awesome cuddly tutorials and inspiration-design, perfect for any graphic designer looking to add a little bit of Asia into their portfolio!
Kung Fu Panda
Are you a fan of Kung Fu Panda, the CG thriller? If so, you’ll love this Photoshop panda tutorial! Make your own Kung Fu Panda wallpaper with the relatively straightforward steps in this set of instructions! It’s pretty lengthy though, so be sure to have plenty of time on your hands for this excellent tute!

Pandaren from World of Warcraft

Many gamers have heard of the smash hit World of Warcraft, but did you know about the pandas related to this Blizzard game? Enter the Pandaren! There is an awful lot of amazing Pandaren images online, ranging from the super cutesey or anime inspired to serious, darker character mockups. Some of my favorites include the classic Pandaren venturing into a swordfight, the mysterious runner bear, the Pandaren brewmaster , and the whimsical Pandaren with child panda in an open field. Check these all out for some great inspirational gaming panda imagery!

Little Panda Girl

Here is a video tutorial done by Rodny Mella, hosted on YouTube. In it, the graphic designer shows how he designed the digital painting Little Panda Girl.

MyFreeTutorials Panda Face Icon
This two part video Photoshop tutorial will have you going nuts for the cute panda icon face in it. The videos are roughly ten minutes long each, so give yourself at least half an hour to tackle this tutorial. Also, forget watching these at work if your job blocks YouTube, as many offices do. The website behind this tutorial set, MyFreeTutorials, has many other excellent tutorials hosted on their website for graphic design artists, check it out today!

Panda Bear Illustrator Set

Need a sweet panda bear pattern set for Adobe Illustrator? Look not farther than this cute seamless vector pattern, from! It’s available for free download, although be sure to read the use and licensing agreements.

Panda Waccom Tablet Image

The Waccom drawing tablets are amazing devices, perfect for a whole array of applications in the graphic design realm. Try out this stellar Photoshop tutorial on making a Waccom-themed image complete with bamboo and wild pandas!