Have you ever wanted to see just the amazing work that can be done with Photoshop and photo manipulation? Below are some popular links to interesting and unique works of graphic arts that can inspire you to create your own. The works referenced with each link are some of top favorites.

Simplicity and Reality

If you scroll down this page, you will come across the work “Aliens are Coming.” As simplistic as this image may look, it is actually very creative how the shadow is been put to dual use by also serving as UFO arrival appearance. The added simplicity of the young boy staring at the UFO sketch in awe is an added touch of creativity to a debatable existence. Near the end of this web page you will come across another image called “Almost.” This is a concept of a goldfish stuck in fishbowl for the rest of its life, just swimming around and around in never ending circles and to juxtapose such a picture with a background of an extended body of water blends classic with fantasy, and blurs the fine line between reality and hope.


Double Meanings

When you come across Patrick Desmet’s work, you might stifle a giggle. Yes, a grownup blowing up a balloons that turn into what represent faces with top hats may come across silly. Yes, maybe the artist had a deeper resonating idea behind his creation…like airheads?  Take a look at the work by Josephine Chervinska. A little is mesmerized by an adult who is “painting the sky”. How often many have us have thought that the sky or a scenic backdrop often looks so beautiful that it looks almost fake or painted? This artist takes an everyday fleeting thought and turns it in visual work of art, literally.


Two Sides of the Story (link 2)

These two site features graphic artworks where the artists have turned ordinary photos and manipulated them to show a different side of life. Whether it’s the idea of people playing on the job (the “tic tac toe” construction work image), a fight of split milk (the couple breakfast image), that no man is an island (the solitary gloomy shack in the middle of the lake), or the road less traveled (the biker and the distorted bike trail image), there is always another way to look at things and not everyone will see one thing  or image the same way, including you and me.