Sure, you’re one hotshot graphic designer, and keep the clients rolling in like water. However, simply being talented and hard working doesn’t necessarily guarantee your continued success as a designer or artist. In fact, without a little help from some friends, you may find yourself in an insurmountable pickle in a hurry! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a short list below of some choice individuals we think you ought to know. If you haven’t got even one of these professionals in an address book somewhere, you’re only preparing yourself for unpleasant surprises—and neither you nor us want that!


  • Get an Accountant: Sure, there are plenty of invoicing and bill tracking software titles out there that will make your accounting easier. However, unless you’ve got a business degree and solid experience in all things financial, we strongly suggest you hire a professional to manage your freelancing affairs. Why is this? Well, for a number of reasons: First and foremost, an accountant can help you track unpaid expenses, and assist you in debt collection. Likewise, they’ll be sure your books are complete to the T, which will save you some headaches at the IRS, as well as at the grocery when you go to buy the things you need to live.



  • Get a Lawyer: We all have some idea of lawyers as these dark creatures that live in caves, suing people at random. However, this is a negative stereotype that the successful designer must rid themselves off. You may not need a lawyer during your tenure as a graphic designer, but if you happen to have one ready in the wing, it will save you a lot of pain when a copyright issues appears, or when a client sues you for not producing what they feel they deserve. These are definitively what-ifs, but if you aren’t prepared, they’re hypotheticals that will come back to bite you.



  • Know Other Designers: One of the best things you can do to compliment your skills and business is to simply know other designers in the same line of work. Sure, we creative types are some of the most competitive buggers on the planet: But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn form others, or keep doors open by networking! You never know when you’ll need help with a project, or when one financial avenue closes, and you’ll find yourself in need of another. Keep friends of a feather, and you’ll be able to handle the stormy weather.